La Confiteria Ideal-La Grand Dame de la Belle Epoque


It is the spirit and presence of la Grand Dame de la Belle Epoque that we sense in la Confiteria Ideal and that inspires us to continue with this adventure……

Buenos Aires, the most European city of this continent, is filled with friendly corners, places for romantic dates or for finding solitude, places to share secrets with friends or discuss politics, places for business meetings or to take a tango lesson,

These places are found in the city cafes or confiterias. Buenos Aires would be inconceivable without them. The coffeehouse are one of the main characteristics of this nostalgic, friendly and timeless magical city.

Founded only 2 years after the city celebrated its 100 years of independence, located a few meters from Corrientes avenue and Suipacha Street, a porteno corner like no other, La Confiteria offers you the chance to get to know the secrets of this city.

Not too old and not too modern, the enormous space has been visited by Presidents and artists, writers, painters and musicians have enjoyed cocktails at La Ideal.

The vitreux and the chandeliers, the antique, imported wood that covers the walls and the opulent marble staircase with its famous pergola – the only one in the world – no doubt recalls Paris.

Tangomusic drifts from upstairs.The marble staircase and the antique elevator lead to the second floor – the Tango Ball Room of la Ideal. It has been a Tango Salon since 1990. The building was designed by Don Manuel Rosendo Fernandez, a Spanish immigrant and entrepreneur.

Today the Tango Salon is freguented by the most well known Milongueros, both from Buenos Aires and other places as well as the best tango teachers.