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What People Say ……


I really, really enjoyed the show last night at Ideal. All the
performances were excellent.  You have really put together a top
notch production. Eduardo you were so inspiring to me, reminding me
of how much further I want to go with my own tango and why I love


It was excellent. It was full of energy and great
tango. Very inspirational.                         Abrazos Senor Kent

It truly was my favorite show in BsAs. Without the “bells and whistles” of the bigger shows it was so intimate and genuine. There were no “weak links” in the show. Every performer was top-notch -from the Clowns to the bass player. Say nothing about Eduardo and Marisa. They are Spectacular..

Te mando abrazos,         Linda Lee

All the performers in Tango Cafe are so talented. And Eduardo made it seem like they put on this show just for us except I’m sure everyone in the audience had the same impression. It’s a great show and a show with a special warmth and soul.
All the best for this season,         Abrazos Hazel and Claude


We have seen this show two years in a row and have loved it both times, as both shows were different, providing us with new and fabulous experiences of a very entertaining show. Wally particularly liked Little Red Riding Hood the first time we went. He thought Eduardo was a great villain and Marisa sweet and innocent, I just loved watching all the entertainment, especially Eduardo and Marisa.           love, Leslie and Wally


The night we enjoyed Eduardo y Marisa and their outstanding company in Una Noche Ideal was one of the loveliest and most romantic evenings we have spent in Buenos Aires. The artistry of the performances, the warmth of our reception and the milonga following made this an evening to remember! Laura Ines Rodriguez y Paul Weiss

….. we can tell you that we enjoyed Tango Cafe very much. We especially appreciated the variety of what was presented (folkloric, classic tango, etc.) It was fun to see different dancers moving in different ways. The quality of dance was good. The whole things was dynamic!  Have fun doing the show!
Giant Besos de Michel y Elisabeth

The food and wine were good value and we enjoyed the dancing very much,
especially the Little Red Ridinghood skit. …. we had a unique experience
among the tangueros — a fine way to end our five weeks in South America.
Lori and Paul, Victoria