Villa Ana – May 1 Celebrations 2008


May 1 Celebration 2008

“There will be a fiesta in Villa Ana”, said the driver, “the Government is paying for everything… and Teresa Parodi will sing”.

Could it be it true! The local radio station confirmed it! A provincial Government program was to be launched on May 1st – the International Day of the Workers – and Villa Ana was one of the villages hosting it.

The 2 year Department of Culture initiative would focus on recapturing the traditional values of the small villages by supporting cultural activities and encouraging local talent.

Villa Ana is part of la Forestal group of villages founded by this English Company in the early 1900’s. In true colonial fashion, it arrived, exploited the natural resources for commercial purposes, then left, all within a time period of 60 years.

Eduardo was surprised by the coldness of the day as he gathered the lawn chairs and his mother prepared the thermos of tea. They walked the short distance to the old factory, greeting friends and neighbours along the way, and sat down in front of the stage to enjoy the entertainment.

The old factory ruin had become the place for community festivities and the sound of a chamame -the popular music of the region – filled the air and moved people to dance.

The afternoon turned to dusk as the MC introduced local performers, politicians talked about the project and Teresa Parodi finished her concert. Eduardo felt fortunate to be in his village and started to relax. He looked around and realized while he was travelling the world and living in Buenos Aires, a new generation of children were becoming adult and bringing changes and new life to Villa Ana.

The smell of tortas fritas filled his nostrils and evoked images of steaming hot tea. He rubbed his hands briskly together as he stood up and started to walk back home to enjoy this very traditional supper with his family.