Eduardo Saucedo & Marisa Quiroga- bios


EDUARDO SAUCEDO of Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Master Teacher and Dancer of Argentine Tango,

Internationally recognized for his love and passion of the dance,

Eduardo travels the world sharing his knowledge and culture with the people he meets.

He considers Tango to be an admirable art form that expresses body, mind, spirit and soul,

His clear communication, positive energy and joy of life motivates and inspires everyone,

His teaching is creative and practical with focus on subtle details of the technique,

Eduardo’s beginnings in the Milongas of Buenos Aires  can be clearly felt in his dancing and teaching,

He continues to complement his dance training with studies in various dance disciplines as well as theatre and acting,

He is a continuing student of the Performing Arts,

Eduardo has performed in theatres, appeared on television and  participated in various international tango festivals,

He is the Creator, Director, Co-Choreographer and Co-Producer of the dinner show Tango Cafe- Una Noche Ideal, shown in the historical la Confiteria Ideal, as well as other Tango shows,

In Buenos Aires, Eduardo teaches in his private Studio in Palermo, from where various other activities and projects are produced,


Marisa Quiroga of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Master Teacher and Dancer of Argentine Tango,

A classical dancer with the prestigious Teatro Colon,

she has interpreted many roles both as soloist and part of corps de ballet,

The art of dance represents for Marisa the freedom to express feelings and emotions in a specific form, to create a moment of beauty,

to tell a story where, for an instant, the spectator enters in a magical world,

The Tango is for her the music in the hearts of two people transformed in the embrace into dance,

With her dance partner, Eduardo Saucedo,  she has travelled to various countries, including Japan, Canada, United States and Europe to teach and perform,

She is the Co-Choreographer and dancer in the Tango dinner show Tango Cafe- Una Noche Ideal,

In Buenos Aires Marisa teaches with Eduardo at the Studio, where they also develop their choreographies together,

It is their versatility to interpret Tango in all its various styles and energies that identify Eduardo and Marisa as performers and this allows them to develop many diverse themes in their choreographies,