El Centro – the Spiritual Perspective

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The Spiritual Aspect of the Project –
– From a spiritual perspective this project is exploring the process of
connecting our inner world of ideas to the outer world of reality;
using rational thought to create balance and harmony,
while establishing financial stability,-
To paint an idea into reality with the positive force of love,
To create a place of beauty, style and elegance,
A magical place where dreams come true,
A dynamic place where ideas and possibilities
become reality,
A place of passionate joy where
freedom dances with intimacy,
and spirit smiles when dreams are realized,
A place where creative action mingles with
peaceful intention and lives change for the better…
An international gathering place of the Arts,
a Cultural Centre of the soul
filled with people, music and DANCE …..


a man with big vision and positive values,
who´s mission in life is to bring joy and inspire passion,
who loves and believes in people, who inspires and motivates excellence,
a great teacher, a charismatic performer, an artiste extra ordinaire,

KIKKI – a woman explorer who finds love and passion in surprising and unexpected places,
a international traveller with a global perspective, a perpetual student of life and spirit,
a lover of art and culture and an admirer of beauty in the dance of humanity,

and their TEAM of friends and associates around the world ….


Living Your Dream

in El Centro dreams become reality,
What dreams do you have for your life – today ??!!
What dreams does life have for your life??
Watch the alchemy and transformation when the two meet in the joy of passion!!!!
Experience the magic when you dance in harmony with life.
Understand how to plant seeds in the secret garden of your personal world
to bear healthy fruit in the world of reality.
Cultivate your life with love and beauty,
temper the storms of uncertainty and fear with the spirit of positivity
and harvest a life of peace and tranquility.
From the quiet world of ideas to the loud world of reality ……
what tango are you dancing?!!!