El Centro 08

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The Centre in Buenos Aires
-El Estudio de Eduardo Saucedo-
a place where dreams become reality,
where people meet and creative thought prosper,

Love Passion and Joy
Life with Respect and Freedom
for Peace in the world
-living and creating the world with positive forces –
The Office –
-forming solid structures of love and beauty-

Co-ordinating activities and encounters in art, music and dance.

El Centro is a place where people of different cultures meet to converse, interact and learn about each other to spread good will throughout the world.
The idea of having a dance studio in Buenos Aires where art and culture would be part of learning and understanding the essence of tango in a centre where visitors could take time out from the intensity of the city, appeared for the first time 3 years ago.

We wondered – Is it possible to create something out of nothing?
Can you create the world of your dreams and trust life to provide the opportunities for financing when the timing is right?

Very quickly the project gathered speed, brought with it an intense learning process and put us in touch with people all over the world…

During this time Eduardo returned to university, continued to teach and perform tango, and realized his dream of creating and producing a tango show in Buenos Aires,
Kikki stayed to learn the language, integrate the culture and move deeper into observing and recording life and tango,


Yours in love and beauty,

Eduardo Saucedo
and as always Kikki