About Kikki and KIKKIS.COM

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KIKKIS.COM is about the Surprising New Life of KIKKI

Whose Life took a Sudden Turn one Day when a Song Started to Sing her New Life into being….

and brought her on a Journey to a Different Continent to Learn
a Different Language and Explore a Different Culture… in a World of Dance !!!!!!!

Life really is a Mystery and you Never Know where your Next Step will Take you,

from a Weekend Workshop on a small Island on the West Coast of Canada to the Heart of Buenos Aires with Argentine Tango –

You are Welcome to Come Along on this Unexpected Adventure that is Unfolding Step by Step – just like a Passionate Tango…..,



Kikki – a Woman Explorer who finds Love and Passion in Surprising and Unexpected Places,

an International Traveller with a Global Perspective, a Perpetual Student of Life and Spirit,

a Lover of Art and Culture and an Admirer of Love and Beauty in the Dance of Humanity,


– a Creative Process and Experience,

-a Business of the Arts,
– with the Perspective and Desire to Integrate Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul into Form,

– reflecting the Values and Principles of Daily Life.

– to form a Structure that Remain Flexible and Connected to the Creative World of Ideas,

– while being Sufficiently Firm to Communicate with Established Structures,

– to Facilitate Movement between Countries and Continents,


KIKKIS.COM – is Inspired by

the Passion for ARGENTINE TANGO to Promote Healthy Living by;

– Teaching the Art and Technique of this Social Dance
and Demonstrate its Various Expressions,

– Believing in and Encourage Students to Reach their
Maximum Individual Potential while Respecting the Line of Dance,

– Inspire Confidence through Disciplined Practice,

– Provide Opportunities for Professional Argentine
Teachers to Visit and Teach on a Short or Longterm Basis,

– Provide Opportunities for Gifted and Dedicated
Students to Apprentice with a Master Teacher,


KIKKIS.COM –  is Committed to –

– Building Community with Tango and Provide Opportunities to

Connect in Joyful Passion while Expressing Life in Art, Dance and Conversation,

– Live in Peace and Harmony by Embracing Differences in Cultures and Languages,

– Exist in Compassionate and Unconditional Love with Reverence for Life and Nature,


A Simple Prayer by St Francis de Assisi

Lord Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace

Where There is Hatrad – Let Me Sow Love

Where There is Injury – Pardon

Where There is Discord – Unity

Where There is Doubt – Faith

Where There is Error – Truth

Where There is Despair – Hope

Where There is Sadness – Joy

Where There is Darkness – Light

O Divine Master, Grant That I May Not So Much Seek

To Be Consoled – As To Console

To Be Understood – As To Understand

To Be Loved – As To Love For

It Is In Giving – That We Receive

It Is In Pardoning – That We Are Pardoned

It Is In Dying – That We Are Born To Eternal Life


Kikki Enterprizes is the result of a creative process to formalize the legal business entity necessary to connect Argentine Tango teachers and the essence of the traditional Milongas (dance clubs) in Buenos Aires to the world.

Kikki’s love of the Argentine Tango brought her to Buenos Aires to dance. Here she connected with her heart’s passion. From this profound experience stems her desire to provide a bridge and place where different perspectives of Tango can meet in respect and understanding of each other’s cultures.

Kikki’s personal perspective and experience of Argentine Tango includes its various expressions yet remains firmly anchored in the social dancing of the traditional Milongas in Buenos Aires.

Kikki’s Enterprizes ….. is transforming into KIKKIS.COM …….

The Unexpected Adventure Continues…….