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It was Kikki, who really made the Buenos Aires part of our trip work.
Her Argentine Spanish is superb and she is a born adventurer and traveler.
She took us places in Buenos Aires we would never have seen on our own and she did it in a way that was so easy for us.
She is a woman comfortable with herself and ever so easy to be with and talk to.
Now,she said, We will make every meal count. And she did!
What I like is the fact that the culture here comes out to meet you, she said……
opera sung outside a restaurant on a moonlit night on the water front …….
a tango lesson in an old tango hall, Kikkis socio-associate partner, Eduardo Saucedo, being the talented teacher and dancer and tanguero.
Everywhere we listened to Kikki converse with the taxi drivers who are themselves a cultural feature of Buenos Aires.
The city has an air of elegance that is missing now from the cities of Europe.
Portenos, as the residents of this port city call themselves, love things. Kikki agreed as we set off to shop. Such beautiful merchandise, such variety, such quality, such beautiful shopping centers. Leather, silver, shoes, clothes, and art.
Do I have next years Christmas shopping done? Well, yes, some of it and more fun than in the overcrowded malls here.

Kikki was a very protective guide and we appreciated that. We had no problems.
We have learned masses about this country to the south of us.
It was our first trip into South America.

Argentines are a very friendly, gregarious, warm and intelligent people. We liked them.
Kikki, our intrepid Buenos Aires guide, has the last word.
There is a difference between holidays and tourism and traveling.
You are travellers and learn and integrate what you learn.
We thought it a lovely compliment and left Argentina flattered, more knowledgeable and yes, a little tired!