Kikkis Tango Programs


KIKKIs Teaching Program
Journey into the Heart of Tango – 4 week programs of Argentine Tango fundamentals based on the walk
Session I – Walking into Tango,
Session II – Building Trust and Confidence – presented by kikki

Journey into the Heart of Tango –
4 week programs of Argentine Tango based on the walk-beginners
From Victoria to Buenos Aires with the passion of Argentine Tango

Session I – Walking into Argentine Tango
week 1 – the Walk – the Embrace – the Connection
As we walk into tango we start to dance
As we meet in the embrace of tango we connect to our partner
As we move with the music we start to create magic on the dance floor

week 2 – Man and Woman in the Dance – Expressing Emotions -the Music
Focus on understanding the roles of the man and the woman/the leader and the follower
Expressing emotions in the dance
Understanding the music

week 3 – the Line of Dance
Focus on connecting to the group while dancing as individuals
Starting to navigate around the dance floor

week 4 – Review of Session I
Connecting to the music
connecting to the partner
connecting to the line of dance
As we learn the fundamental concepts of this passionate and sensual dance through the walk, we learn the basic steps and technique and to dance with joyful passion.

With regard and respect for the essence of the dance and the culture of its origins we meet in the joy of dancing together.

Tango is passion
a feeling that you hear, that you dance
Tango knows no age
it is not important where you are or with whom you dance
Where you feel it, there it is – This is Tango
(Eduardo Saucedo2001)

Session II – Building Trust and Confidence

Music for the Heart – a musical journey through the history of Argentine Tango.
Milongeando Buenos Aires – experience the ambience and intimacy of a traditional Milonga, dance the music of the golden orchestras
Journey to Europe – Paris in the 1920’s – salon tango, stylized elegance – the art, the literature, the dance, the dynamics of transformation
Arriving to North America – from Pugliese to Piazzola, keeping the heart of Argentina in the mind of North America- tango fantasia, tango nuevo, pivoting the future