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2011 From Buenos Aires
 FELIZES PASCUAS … ……. HAPPY EASTER …..GLAD PASK…….EVERYBODY !!!!!!!A new day, a new life, – from the Studio we wish you a continued precious 2011……,Our life – filled with people and activities,  On the road,  working in the Studio..,quietly behind the scenes or dancing centre stage…..,Our message is the same !!!!!!…..LOVE, PASSION and JOY,LIFE with RESPECT and FREEDOM forPEACE in the world, MESSAGE FROM EDUARDO…QUERIA DECIRLES QUE TODOS TENEMOS TALENTOS Y VIRTUDES, SIMPLEMENTE HAY QUE ENCONTRARLOS O RECONOCERLOS ASI LOS PODEMOS APLICAR DONDE Y CUANDO SEAN NECESARIOS. BUSQUEMOS LA LUZ Y SIGAMOS EL SENDERO DEL AMOR Y LA ESPERANZA. LA VIDA NOS RECOMPENZARA.SIGAN ADELANTE …SIEMPRE ADELANTE NUNCA MIREN HACIA ATRAS QUE LA VIDA ESTA ADELANTE!!! UN ABRAZO DE OSO PANDA PARA TODOS. EDUARDOEduardo is filled with Joy……, when working with you in the Studio, when travelling to your community,  Connecting in the embrace of Argentine Tango – leading you to reach your best experience in the dance,How are you?!!   Drop us a line.., Let us know …,We look forward to hearing from you…,EDUARDO SAUCEDO & MARISA QUIROGA Eduardo & Marisa returning to North America and California…,Next Friday, April 29th in la Milonga “El Rincon” in Downey, Los Angeles, Ca,Saturday, April 30th back at – Studio 65/Adornos Art & Dance in  Fresno, Ca – during May and June in California, from Arcadia to San Francisco and more.,**********************************************************************2011 From Buenos AiresHola     Hello      Hej     from Buenos Aires…. DECEMBERMerry Christmas Everybody – Feliz Navidad –  God Jul……In Buenos Aires the first summer heat wave continues over Christmas Day,In Europe many celebrate Christmas Eve in airports and on trains delayed by the snow,While on the west coast of North America strong winds and rain cool the day ……,The first 10 years of the new century and the new millennium is coming to a close …..,What Tango are we dancing with our world??!!    How are we communicating??!!What music are we listening to??!!Our earth appears to spin faster – move with more intensity …..

time !!- where does it go ?? …..,



The Studio -Christmas Tree 2010

So great to take a break…. a breath at Christmas time ……,  put up the lights….,

decorate the tree…..,

the place so beautiful …,  preparing the food ……,  the aromas…….,

sharing time with family and friends ……,


How fortunate we are to be ALIVE this day – every day ……,

how grateful we are to have YOU in our lives ….,

As we prepare for our next journey, we enjoy a couple of precious,

quiet days in the Studio and …..

Wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year,


Message from EDUARDO –

queria decirles que los amo con el corazon. Les deseo lo mejor para estas navidades y ano nuevo.

AMOR, PASION, ALEGRIA Y VIDA… nunca dejen de sentirse vivos y nunca dejen de

alimentar el espiritu y creer ustedes mismos.

Los esperamos como siempre aqui en el estudio en buenos aires para aprender a bailar y

disfrutar un poquito de la pasion tanguera. chau hasta la proxima aventura.



abrazos from us here at the Studio…….,   de Eduardo,   de Marisa  y

 como siempre  Kikki



Springtime in Buenos Aires ……., Lovely, soft,  sunny days and cool nights….,

The bright colours of gerbera flowers lift the spirit….,  The flowers of the jacaranda trees are giving the city its purple hue……..

Missed talking with you!!!    It’s been awhile….. How are you all?   How is your life withTango?

We explored a new place this year – Labour Day in Bermuda – the first Annual Tango Festival – such a beautiful island…..,  hope you can join us next year,

In the Studio music  and dance are our constant companions,  It is good to be back in Buenos Aires …..,

Call us to book your private class or personal intensive while you are here …..,

Eduardo and Marisa’s next “Exhibitions in the Milongas”  is coming up on Saturday, November 20th in Salon Canning, Scalibrini Ortiz 1331,

Come join us  – watch them dance, we will have a good time,

In Buenos Aires……

In Buenos Aires the yearly La Noche de Museos with more than 170 museos participating just passed by,

Casa FOA, always interesting, is on Calle Defensa this year – see the antique, renovated building and design exhibition until early Dec.

Feria de las Naciones – fun, food and fashion from different countries – in the Exhibition hall in Recoleta.

Paul McCartney was just here,  Sting is coming in early December –  giving a concert in Plaza de Mayo.

The jazz festival is coming soon……,

La Presidenta Kristina is continuing her mandate feeling the loss of her husband by her side,

Hope all is well in your world…., and Wishing you many wonderful Tangos…….,

Until next time….  abrazos from us at the Studio……,

como siempre   Kikki  








April-May 2010  FROM THE STUDIO

Happy Mother´s Day Everybody….,
LIFE IS GOOD – Let Us Enjoy Each Day ……
LIVE IS GOOD – Let Us Be Thankful  …….,
LIFE IS GOOD – – Because You Never Know ……,
MAY –  In Buenos Aires, the month of May marched in with the Day of the Workers…., the Circus Festival arrived, the Book Fair continues, the Martin Fierro´s -the Argentine Oscars have come and gone ………the days are sunny, lovely and fresh, the evenings are cool…..,   Fall has arrived……,
A month of Activities – a month of Celebration – this month of the Bicentennial……,
is the website if you want to know more about what is planned,
Teatro Colon will reopen with la Presidenta present on May 24th….,
La Confiteria Ideal will have a special program …..
At the Studio we are celebrating too….., We celebrate YOU, the people who we so appreciate……, You, who came for an intensive to study with Eduardo, You, who come every week to learn with Eduardo and Marisa, You, who brought your group for a week of fun learning….,You, who came for dinner at the Studio,  You, who came to our Social Dance Milonga….., You, who came to see our show Tango Cafe – Una Noche Ideal….., You, who keep in touch and write us,  You, who invite Eduardo to come to Your community and teach, You, who support our message and help us bring it into the world….,
We thank you …..,  we continue to make the Studio a place of Love and Beauty for You….., we set the stage for You….., – Come and visit,      Bring your friends,   Come and dance with Eduardo…..,
We raise our glass in a toast to You – may Your dreams come true, may this time bring You good health and good fortune and may you dance many wonderful Tangos……,
A change of Season, A time of Completion, A time of preparation for the next Journey,
as always,  como siempre      Kikki
Message from Eduardo –


Hola      Hello     Hej      Everybody…..MARCH

El GrottoMarch has arrived – Can you believe it!!!  In the Studio we note the movement of the sun…., the light is becoming softer, the days  shorter…., It is still snowing in Europe….yet the magnolias are starting to bloom on the westcoast of Canada…,  What season is it in Your neighbourhood?…..

The tall ships – fregatas – arrived at Puerto Maderos as part of the Bicentenial celebrations –  just in time to celebrate the International Women´s Day…., the Chilean vessel gathering cards and messages for the people of Chile after the big earthquake  ……,

Easter is coming this month – the road to the cross will be walked by many…., with music in churches and cathedrals…., the energy of Virgin Maria palpable …., did you see the old cloister in the Church of Pilar in Recoleta  – living history….,

Vacation is over, the children are back in school,  the Congress back in session,  the politics passionate and controversial, the inflation like the corner of Juan B Justo and Santa Fe Ave after a heavy rainstorm,

The water level in el Tigre is high …..the new boat service to Puerto Maderos gives you an overview of life in the Delta without getting your feet wet…..,

In the city the movie theatres are full – Alice in Wonderland in 3D is playing  and Argentina is proud of its Oscar for the best foreign film – El Secreto de sus Ojos-, the country is celebrating,

CITA is almost here again….., Eduardo and Marisa will perform on Monday night 15th in Teatro Ateneo, You can buy tickets at the Cita office – or let us know…. it will be a great show,

as is – Tangocafe- Una Noche Ideal showing on Thursday nights at la Confiteria Ideal – Suipacha 384 esq. Corrientes – contact us for reservation or come directly to la Ideal,  dinner from 9.30pm show at 10pm – live music, singers, tangodancers and folklore – dynamic, interactive and bilingual – great entertainment just for you…..,

Here at the Studio…. we are completing our first year and preparing for our next journey…..,  Quietly working behind the scenes or on the Stage performing – You are with us in spirit and in our hearts –

Join us and Dance the Argentine Tango – and help spread our message of Love,Passion,Joy, Life with Respect and Freedom for Peace in the world,



many blessings to all,
as always, como siempre   Kikki


Mars was close to the moon the other night – did you feel it!!??
Sun and rain both send their blessing on Buenos Aires as the second wave of vacationers have already reached the coast…..,

The cinemas are full – Avatar in 3D, Nine the musical,  Lots of good times escaping from the heat …. Sunday nights drive in at Rosedal….,

El Tigre…the water….. the breeze….. the quiet……,

In the city the outside tables are full at 3 in the morning ….,

The year of the Tiger is arriving …… St Valentine´s is waiting around the corner……  Colortango will play in Puerto Maderos as part of Milongas in the Plazas program here in Buenos Aires ….,

In the Studio we continue to set the stage for You…., come visit us, come dance with us …., come see our Show……,

Come…. feel our message –


Message from EDUARDO……







as always, como siempre   Kikki
the Studio 5411 4822 0438



The sun shines HOT in Buenos Aires this week…., Summertime is vacation time,  The Shows – and the people move to the beach in Mar del Plata or the hills around Cordoba….,

In the city Andy Warhol is still in MALBA, there is free theatre in the Plazas, the Carnival is just beginning….,

The music of Pugliese  streams from the Studio – work in progress..,     On Saturday night the music of conversation filled every corner at our first social night of the year….,

Friends from Italy, Sweden and France mingled with others from  Washington, DC, New Mexico, Yellowknife, Victoria and more…..
together with local Argentinean friends…., a good time for all,

Eduardo opened the Milonga by performing with Marisa, and the magic of Tango continued throughout the night….,

Our delightful task is bringing people together and dance…..,
Contact us for our next private Milonga and Social Evening at the Studio – by invitation only,

Come, join Eduardo and spread our message of – LOVE, PASSION, JOY,
LIFE with RESPECT and FREEDOM for PEACE in the world,




Thank you for all your good wishes…., we appreciate your positive support and wish you … a VERY HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR,

May the softness of the sunrise gently awaken your senses,
May the radiant midday sun fill your heart to bursting,
May the colours of the sunset carry you into the starry night
on the whispering lullaby of many blessings,

Here at the Studio…. the stage is set, the magic awaits you,
Give us a call, … come,  dance with us… into the year of the Tiger,

with our message of –


in the words of Eduardo,


Many beautiful greetings from Marisa,

and as always- straight from the heart of….   Kikki


2009 From Buenos Aires


How time flies…. each day seems to pass like a minute used to .. Remember when a year took forever !!!…..

How are you all?  We so enjoy hearing from you…. Staying in touch with the joy within sometimes takes an effort in this speeding world of rapid changes, no?…  How are you all managing….???!!  We can do it !!!  Together we can keep the flow of positive energy moving …..,

This year we have been busy moving into the Studio….and creating a peaceful world of beauty for us and for you ….,  On the weekends we browse the antique markets and stores to find what we need at just the right price… So much fun and so educational  –  who could have imagined that a zillion different types of chandaliers existed!!!

The Studio is ready …. the right place – in the right location,
an antique building, comfortably renovated, elegant and spacious –
filled with beauty…..we welcome you to come and see it…,

Eduardo and Marisa will share with you their love of the dance and their culture.  Their specific teaching method and experience will help you learn and improve your dancing in a caring and positive environment,

Eduardo has set the stage for your learning and dancing pleasure,
He invites you to come and enjoy dancing in the Studio, contact Kikki to schedule your private class or study program and to find out other current and social activities,

It is springtime in Buenos Aires, April weather in November, the jacaranda trees are blooming, the roses beautiful in their splendor, the towers in Puerto Maderos are multiplying, the plazas slowly rejuvenating,

An international jazz festival, Tatto Art Convention, Tango festival in el Tasso, Gran Milonga in Ave de Mayo, Lucia celebration in the Swedish Church, Gilberto Gil, Convention of Artisans are only a few of the things happening in Buenos Aires this month,

On Thursday,December 10th and 17th join us at la confiteria Ideal for the dinner show “Tangocafe – Una Noche Ideal”, Eduardo´s show that we produce for the 3rd Season,  book your front row seat with us -or directly with la confiteria Ideal….

On Wednesday, December 16th it is time to celebrate Eduardo´s birthday!!! Join us for a very special night at la confiteria Ideal  –
9pm group class with Eduardo and Marisa, followed by Milonga with performance by Eduardo Saucedo and Marisa Quiroga,
and yes, – there will be cake too!!!!

LOVE, PASSION, JOY, LIFE with RESPECT and FREEDOM for PEACE in the world is our message that Eduardo so passionately sends to each one of you….,

until next time….  we enjoy hearing from you and wish you many wonderful tangos as we send you

abrazos from us here at the Studio…..,

as always, como siempre   Kikki



Hola     Hello     Hej     Everybody

From Buenos Aires we send you many good wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful close to the year,


Our life is truly a daily miracle as we travel from one life to another, from continent to continent,  from country to country  –  making the impossible journey a reality.


We feel your presence – the power of positive vibration – in our hearts,  as we move slowly and steadily forward,  creating our new reality with the powerful force of Love.


Like the story tellers of ancient times connecting the world –

…… Dance, Dance, Dance … Your Life …. Free As A Bird   …….

Soar high on the base of our Common Human Values that know no border,
feel no cultural differences and connect us instantly wherever we are……

until we meet again  ….. in 2009.

we remember the message of Eduardo Saucedo –


and we wish you the very best of times with your family and friends this Holiday Season,

abrazos de Eduardo, de Marisa y

como siempre, as always
with much love straight from the heart of   Kikki

From Buenos Aires-Postales 05/06,Weekly 2006,Notes 2008



Hola     Hello     Hej     Everybody

From Buenos Aires we send you many good wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful close to the year,


Our life is truly a daily miracle as we travel from one life to another, from continent to continent,  from country to country  –
making the impossible journey a reality.


We feel your presence – the power of positive vibration – in our hearts,  as we move slowly and steadily forward,  creating our new reality with the powerful force of Love.


Like the story tellers of ancient times connecting the world –

…… Dance, Dance, Dance … Your Life …. Free As A Bird   …….

Soar high on the base of our Common Human Values that know no border,
feel no cultural differences and connect us instantly wherever we are……

until we meet again  ….. in 2009.

we remember the message of Eduardo Saucedo –


and we wish you the very best of times with your family and friends this Holiday Season,

abrazos de Eduardo, de Marisa y

como siempre, as always
with much love straight from the heart of   Kikki


 Hola      Hello     Hej    Everybody  – Buenos Aires, Nov 20-08

It is a lovely day in the capital city – the sun is shining, the jacaranda trees are blooming – and it seems quiet although there are lots of people visiting and there are lots of activities this weekend….

The Davies Cup has just started in Mar del Plata and so far Argentina is doing well…..

The Swedish Church will have goodies for sale at their Christmas Bazaar Saturday afternoon…

The Berlin Symphony Orchestra is playing a free concert outside at the Obelisque tomorrow night…

The Festival of India is starting in Centro Cultural Borges and Hotel Sheraton … and

Joanne Copes Festival opens on Sunday night at El Beso – Eduardo and Marisa will perform…..

The spring fashion this year does not seem to have a particular colour but all young girls are putting  flowers in their hair…

Eduardo is back in Buenos Aries,  look us up at la confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384 esq Corrientes….

Tuesdays, 3.30-6.30pm Eduardo’s Class/Practica with Cecilia

Wednesdays, 9-10.30pm Eduardo’s group class with Marisa, followed by MiMilonga

as always, como siempre     Kikki


Hola Hello Hej Everybody – Eduardo is back in town…..October 2008

Besos from Buenos Aires!!! After more than 4 months on the road Eduardo is back in town…

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 11 he will be at his practica from 3.30-6.30pm at la confiteria Ideal, downstairs .. and on

Wednesday, Nov 12th at 9pm Eduardo will teach a group class with Marisa followed by MiMilonga – at la Ideal downstairs….

If you are in Buenos Aires and want to schedule private classes – let us know – Eduardo will start this coming Friday, Nov 14th …

During the week of Nov 23rd Eduardo and Marisa will perform and teach at the Johanna Copes Festival – stay tuned for details of more classes and performances during the next few months in Buenos Aires ….

Watch Eduardo dance with Marisa in the National Geographic documentary on the history of latin America…

More news and stories coming up soon from Eduardo and Marisa’s journey in North America and Europe…

We had a great time travelling together and send lots of besos and hugs to all of you who always travel with us in spirit and all of you along the way who made this trip possible…

Eduardo’s schedule for 2009 will soon be in place, if you want him to come to your community let us know…. Now is a good time…..

We are always happy to hear from you,

abrazos de Eduardo,  dsc01245eduonwhistler-150x150.jpg

and as always, como siempre
straight from the heart ….. dsc00063rose-150x150.jpg


Notes – September 2008


saludos, we have reached the mid point of our journey and want to send a very special greeting to each one of you,

wherever we are – You are part of our lives – YOU are our family – and YOU are always welcome to be with us……

our journey this year has many facets,
-Eduardo and Marisa are starting to teach and perform at the international festivals

– you will have more opportunities to join them next year….

-they are looking forward to the experience of tango on a cruise ship in the mediterranean this fall – and next fall too,

-we are visiting the tango communities in the northwest that we feel so connected to and care so much about, preparing for more frequent returns, everybody is growing in tango…..

-Eduardo enjoys being with his friends, Marisa is learning more English and
– dancing socially gives everybody a chance to interact, communicate and learn more about the Argentine Tango
– just like being in the milongas of Buenos Aires,

-we are gradually preparing Eduardo’s schedule for the next couple of years,
-if you want him to come to your community – send us an invitation, now is a good time,

-Eduardo is continuing his university studies alongside his dancing and teaching, Kikki co-ordinates, facilitates and creates structures through which to communicate….and Marisa is still with Teatro Colon when not teaching tango,

-when not on the road, you will find us in Buenos Aires,
-let us know if you want to be part of one of our tours
-want individual guiding of the city or
-want to book studio time for your continuing studies with Eduardo,

-if you are bringing your group to Buenos Aires for private group lessons,
get in touch to find out about our teachers and rates,

-if you need accommodation while you are in Buenos Aires, let us know, or check Kikkis.com-accommodation

-a modified version of our tango show Tango Cafe-Una Noche Ideal continues in Buenos Aires while we are travelling-
-Saturday nights at la confiteria Ideal,
-our artists are amazing people as well as accomplished performers, we are looking forward to bringing them to you in the next couple of years….
-winter season is cold and long – if you want to sponsor one of our artists – your $100 will make a real difference in somebody’s life – we will happily facilitate….

-Eduardo’s studio and the Centre of Arts in Buenos Aires
will become reality on our return to Buenos Aires at the end of the year,
we are looking forward to having our own place ……
– and continue to welcome investors to create this project…..

-our Cultural Centre in Villa Ana is moving forward,
we will bring back some material for the International Resource Centre to
get it off the ground,
-get in touch if you want to know more or have something to donate….

-the Educational Centre in Reconquista is ready for its first international connection,
the class 7 school magazine produced by Eduardo’s sister Cristina has a few spaces left for advertizing,
-ads are $10 – pays for your name, place and country
– let us know if you want to facilitate an exciting connection for a student in a small town,
– we will forward the $$ and send you a copy of the school paper,

-kikkis.com – a work in progress, still being programmed,
-we are looking forward to adding more visual images and lighten the reading experience….. as time allows….

-info on tango communities – click Argentine Tango
– you will find links to various websites of the communities we visit, feel free to use it and share our experience…..

-many of our tango friends are creative people – click friends and art on kikkis.com to find out more,

we, too, are creative people and have a lot of ideas and projects on the go – this is a broad strokes summary of what we are working on to keep you up-to-date of what we want to accomplish in the next while,

together we can do it!!!! always You can do it!!!

just remember Eduardo’s message of –


we are creating with positive forces as we dance along…..much love and

abrazos de Eduardo,    de Marisa

and as always, como siempre Kikki


Notes from Buenos Aires 2008- April 15


How I have missed my weekly visits with you!!!!!! How are you all ?? Life is intense here in Buenos Aires and always in the moment….. Monday to Saturday is one continuous long day…….. and the weeks turn to months before you know it!!!!!

The season is changing -the leaves are falling – early, just like last year, will it snow again ????

Lunch at Mataderos – empanadas, locro, humitas, chorizo sandwich, vino patero, visiting with friends-just relaxing, a rare treat indeed…..

Tango keeps us busy……
Tango Cafe – Una Noche Ideal – our first tango show in Buenos Aires continues at La Confiteria Ideal on Saturday nights, Come and see it – it is a great show !!!!! thanks for your ever positive comments – we really appreciate hearing from you …..
If you are coming to Buenos Aires with your group and want to book ahead – contact us for special group rates,
www.tangocafeconcert.com will have more information on the wonderful artists soon

Tuesday afternoon at La Confiteria Ideal from 3.30-6.30pm is a good time to practice, learn technique, new steps and socialize, Eduardo is teaching a little chacarera each week so you can join in this popular Argentinean folk dance in the milongas ……

Wednesday night from 9-10.30pm in la Confiteria Ideal Eduardo continues to teach a group class with Marisa Quiroga, Milonga follows.

Eduardos Travelling Schedule – catch up with him –

In July at Noras Tangoweek in San Fransisco
for his long awaited return to North America !!! For details see www.tangoweek.com and stay tuned for more information

In September cruise with Tango-at-Sea out of Venice for a week of tango with the Masters…. enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean and dance with Eduardo Saucedo and Marisa Quiroga, see
www.tangoatsea.com for details and bookings

We are planning Eduardos travel schedule for 2009 and 2010, If you want him to invite him to your community – let us know …….

is continuing to form and is getting ready to become reality. We will be very glad when Eduardos Studio and Kikkis Office will reveal itself and make creating and coordinating a little easier ……

In Buenos Aires the Independent Film Festival is on this week, Bailando Por Un Sueno with Tinelli is starting on Canal 13 and Mirta Legrand will soon return for her 40th year of Lunch with Mirta …… Everybody is glad to be back to standard time and dine in the dark again,

Looking forward to hearing from you…….

Big hug from Eduardo

and as always straight from the heart of Kikki


Week , April 2-8, 2007

Hola Everybody,

How are you?  Missed talking to you……. time just flies here in Buenos Aires……

Fall has arrived and the rain has been very persistant.  After 9 days there is flooding both in the city and in the northern provinces.  The sun has returned but the humidity remains so more drops will most likely fall later in the week…..

Been thinking of you through the heat of the summer,  the week of CITA, the yearly international Tango Congress, Eduardos preparation  to return to university, our evolving project of creating El Centro.

Last Friday Eduardo performed with Marisa at Los Mareados, an opportunity for a lovely fiesta with friends from North America and Europe as well as Buenos Aires, the dancing spectacular, the ambience warm and intimate, the art on the walls interesting …..

Life here is filled with people, always intense……… and each week you will find us at
La Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha and Corrientes
Tuesdays 3.30-6.30pm Class-Practica de Eduardo Saucedo
with Cecilia Gonzales and Los Chicos

Wednesdays 9-10.30pm Eduardo Saucedo with Marisa Quiroga
and Los Chicos,  Group class followed by MiMilonga
Tuesdays 8.30-10pm Eduardo Saucedo with Marisa Quiroga,
Group class at Viejo Correo followed by Milonga,
4820 Dias Velez by parque Centenario

This week on Wednesday and Thursday at La Confiteria Ideal enjoy a concert with Sexteto Mayor – no class or milongas – concert only,

This week at el Obelisque see the giant photos from the Valley of the Moon in the province of San Juan – the place where we spent Christmas and New Years….

This week marks the 25th aniversary of the Falkland war, still fresh in the memory of people in Argentina …..

This week is Easter, a time for reflection and renewal, spring is arriving over there, the days are getting shorter here……

together we dance a tango in Buenos Aires…..

many besos from Eduardo
and as always  Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody!

Greetings from Buenos Aires where-

November brings April showers,
Strawberries are in season,
Christmas trees appear in store windows,
Summer is arriving …..

Travelling to the coast,
Walking on the beach,
Seafood by the sea,
Surf breaking,
Feeding the soul…..

Dance your dreams,
To the music of the sea.
Discover a soft DiSarli,
Dance it anew,

Looking forward to seeing you when you are in Buenos Aires,

many besos from Eduardo,
and as always Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody

October in Rosedal – roses drenched in sunshine,
fully open to the sky, enjoying their time,
Birds quarrelling, defending favourite spaces,
busy preparing their nests,

On Mothers Day strolling past lovely fountains,
walking leisurely on star shaped paths,
tiny coloured stones crunching
a slow tango,

Concerts on Sunday afternoons,
families on blankets in the grass,
Gates locked in the moonlight,
Night life emerging……

Welcome to Buenos Aires,
so familiar – yet forever changing,
its heart beating in breathless silence……….

Give us a call here in Buenos Aires…..

many besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki



Hola    Hello     Hej     Everybody!

Greetings from Buenos Aires

Looking forward to seeing you when you are in Buenos Aires,

many besos from Eduardo,
and as always  Kikki



Hola        Hello        Hej      Everybody

Give us a call here in Buenos Aires…..

many besos from Eduardo
and as always  Kikki


!!!!!!! Celebrate May in Buenos Aires !!!!!!!

On May 1st the workers march in solidarity through
the streets of Buenos Aires,
This year the Obelisque marks the centre for 90 years,
While for 70 years Big Ben-El Torre de los Ingleses-offers its
panoramic view,

More then 350,000 people in Plaza de Mayo celebrate
– Dia del Patria -25 de Mayo, the day of independence
in Argentina,

Mercedes Sosa sings again, Presidente Kirchner speaks of pluralism,
Maradona returns, Mirta Legrand presents artistic awards,

A country growing, searching its way,
making connections,
Restoring its green spaces,
quickly constructing
new neighbourhoods,

People coming together in celebration,
different lives, different views,
joined by music,
moved to dance the tango of Buenos Aires.
see you soon,

besos from Eduardo,
and as always Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody

Saludos from the beautiful Paris of the Americas!!!!!
where life is a continuing connection with people,
where traffic dances tango on avenida 9e de julio,
as the line of dance moves around the obelisque,
in the centre of Buenos Aires,

Buenos Aires – April showers,
seasons changing,
leaves falling softly to the ground,
days growing shorter,
shoulders wrapped in wool.

Buenos Aires – wedding showers,
fistfulls of rice in the air,
love blossoming,
rose pedals romancing,
new lives growing into our world.

Buenos Aires – star showers,
holding their breath at Easter,
our international family growing
one by one arriving in Buenos Aires
to begin anew.

and dance tango in BUENOS AIRES.

see you soon,

besos de Eduardo
and as always Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody

March…….. and Buenos Aires is back from vacation!!!!
the streets are filled with people purposefully moving,
the music of the traffic never ending,
children pulling backpacks on wheels,
mothers with babies waiting and visiting,
groups of university students exchanging thoughts,
demonstrations starting slowly,

the chill in the air continues – almost feels like….winter?
the leaves are falling, the trees are still blooming….
the sun is warm, the days shorter,
the humidity brings the promise of rain,

people are filling Buenos Aires,
unpredictably multifaceted, passionately independent,
contantly inviting you personally,
to dance your intimate experience,

open your heart and dance on the edge to find your balance….
come and find us here in – el rincon de tu alma – in Buenos Aires….

besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody

February brings vacation time to an end in Buenos Aires!!!!

the Congress prepares its session and Presidente Kirchner speaks,
the non smoking law is coming into effect,
the children are returning to school,
construction is continuing everywhere,
the summer sales are on……

the torrential rainstorms brought relief from the hot and humid days, was welcomed on the pampas and up north were drought is a concern… the intensity brought flooding…..
the weather is pleasant again in Buenos Aires but…….can you feel it…….the touch of fall cooling the air of the sunny afternoons……

quick, quick, focus attention on the moment or quick, quick, it is gone, to be replaced by something new, every day faster, every moment more valuable….. LIFE just keeps on going…….. charge your batteries and DANCE it…..before it is gone….

many people come to Buenos Aires and Argentina……… –
for many reasons to explore a new continent and a different culture
it is a privilege to show the city and be part of the experience of so many of you,

and it is a pleasure to invite you to our place, The Studio – to celebrate birthdays, to be part of your last evening in Buenos Aires, to feel the excitement of your first visit……what can we say more than thank you…..and remember the words of Eduardo Saucedo …….

express your love, passion and joy –

live your life with freedom and respect –

and create a world of peace and harmony

see you soon in Buenos Aires…..
we always enjoy hearing from you…….

besos from Eduardo and
as always Kikki



Hola Hello Hej Everybody

January is vacation time in Buenos Aires!!! and the yearly exodus to the seaside and the mountains. As the portenos leave their city, a steady stream of tourists arrive to enjoy it.

In the heat of the summer the sidewalks sizzle, in the downpoor of the storm the streets flood, when lighning strikes the city holds its breath – the weather dances a Pugliese with Buenos Aires!!!

Lots of people come and go…….old friends and new –

like the most precious of gifts each morning arrives –
its possibilities still wrapped in mystery,
like the most treasured of friends each night returns-
with the magic embrace of graciousness,

January in Buenos Aires- hot is the sun, warm are the nights -always you feel the heart beat of the city –
when you are ready to dance tango with Buenos Aires –
it is waiting for you………..

See you soon in Buenos Aires,

besos from Eduardo Saucedo
and as always Kikki



Week 50 – Monday, December 18,06 – in Buenos Aires-

Hola Everybody,

Very passionate the weather in Buenos Aires ???!!!  After the heat and the storm on the weekend – what will the weather bring us this week???…

Towards the end of the year for sure ……time to take a breath to remember and enjoy each day, each moment….

Thank you for your messages, for your support, for your carinos…… Eduardo celebrated his birthday with family and with friends, each experience unique and complete – and totally from the heart. He so appreciates YOU, the people he meets and connects to every day, every week, each year and you know he always remembers everyone with much affection….

Lots of music in Buenos Aires this week, check your neighbourhood for local events, choirs and christmas stories at your local church, performances in the parks, music and song while you dine……

and people still come to dance in the Milongas of Buenos Aires…..
Orch. Typ. Fernandez Fierro at Torquato Tasso Dec 21st…

This week at La wonderful Confiteria Ideal…..
Tuesday afternoon Eduardos class-practica with Cecilia and Los Chicos….and on
Wednesday night enjoy the class with Eduardo and Marisa, then dance to the music of Orchestra San Souci…….

Mark your calendar – Wednesday, Jan 10th at La Confiteria Ideal – Come and dance to the music of – Sexteto Mayor –   Eduardo will MC the evening.

For something different and cool while you rest your hot feet, step into your local cinema and watch – Happy Feet – the dancing pinguino – or the new James Bond 007 – among others -sweet popcorn is more usual  than salty here,  tacos with melted cheese is popular and  pizza anyone….

Have you discovered the adventures of Los Peques from Patagonia – those cute little ones on Canal 9 …….


PEACE AND LOVE and good HEALTH is our wish,    may our DREAM become reality to make your DREAMS come true,  many blessings to you who are helping us,    May 2007 be the year we dance the music of laughter around the world from where you are  and from El Studio in El Centro here in Buenos Aires ……

many besos from Eduardo
and as always
with much love from Kikki

Week 49 – Monday, December 11,06 – in Buenos Aires-

Hola Everybody,

Feels like a HOT week in Buenos Aires, people are taking siesta in the parks, the red wine cools in the fridge, ice cream…half a kg for lunch anybody?,

The shows in the theatres are moving to Mar Del Plata, the TV channels are starting their daily report from the beach, the traffic is heavy……summer is approaching,

So is Christmas……the trees are shining in the windows, Patio Bullrich and Galleria Pacifico are beatifully decorated with lights – and was that a Christmas carol i heard??!!!!

Happy Lucia !!!!   Happy Birthdays !!!!  and  Happy Carlos Gardel Day !!!!

Teatro Colon Ballet is dancing by the fountain on Costa Nera next weekend,
Tango music at Torquato Tasso through December….

Happy Dancing Everybody,  until next week,

besos from Eduardo
and as always  Kikki

Week 48 – Monday, December 3,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

Coming back to Buenos Aires after spending the weekend up north is refreshing – like a dip in the pool!!! It gets HOT further north ……


Well, after the big outdoor concert with classical music last weekend Buenos Aires prepares to return to tango to celebrate the birthday of Carlos Gardel next week – keep your eyes open for activities on Dec 11th. There will be dancing at Casa Carlos Gardel in Abasto for sure…
and activities all over the world to celebrate…

and EDUARDOS BIRTHDAY is coming up on the 16th – feel free to send greetings and i will forward them to him …… last year we had a weeklong celebration – what will we do to celebrate this year??

In La Rural – by Plaza Italia – Feria Artesenal is on from the 7th with lots of different gift items available,

FM92.7 is the radio station 2×4 with continuing tango music for your listening pleasure..

Last Tuesday afternoon at La Confiteria Ideal a group of Swedish visitors joined us during Eduardos practica – it was a great pleasure for me to speak a few words in my native tongue…..and as always wonderful to introduce people to the exciting world of Argentinean tango and the positive experience of learning the dance and about its culture with Eduardo and friends…..

each week the music drifting down the stairs in La Confiteria Ideal enchants me, each week a smile appears as i pause and watch everybody dance…..

…. look forward to seeing you soon in Buenos Aires,

many besos from Eduardo,
and as always Kikki


Week 47 – Monday, November 27,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

Well, the weather continues to be changeable – but not too hot…..

The organizers for the 3rd annual outdoor concert around El Monumento de los Espanolas are hoping for warm weather next Sunday night, Dec 3rd at 7pm, the music of Mozart will be on the agenda, last year saw more than 80,000 people mingle around the beautiful statue to enjoy sunset with live classical music ending with spectacular fireworks.


The art and cultural activities continues at Correo Central – the big post office building on Paseo Colon, an opportunity to see the architecture of another amazing building up close……while enjoying the activities….

and the dancing continues all week – everybody has their favourite places, – we will see you tomorrow afternoon at La Confiteria Ideal at Eduardos class-practica, it will be a full afternoon in many ways – tell you about it later…….. quite a special occasion….

meanwhile happy dancing, happy travelling to and from our beautiful Buenos Aires…….

many besos from Eduardo,
and as always Kikki


Week 46 – Monday, November 20,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

Hope you had a good weekend, Monday morning is filled with sunshine and great for walking, the jacaranda trees blooming along Ave Libertador are lovely.


We went to the coast with some friends this weekend. It was lovely to sit by the sea, walk in the sand and breathe some fresh air.

Travelling and exploring Argentina with Eduardo is like his teaching, – an experience connected to the essence, rich in learning and filled with laughter,

You are welcome to join us as we go weekend exploring in Argentina from time to time…..

This week in Buenos Aires Plaza Martin is still filled with hearts – such a fine exhibit, Tango Tierra is the show at Centro Cultural Borges in Galeria Pacifico nearby, check for dates and time,

If you are coming for CITA in March 07 – just a reminder that Eduardos classes fill up quickly……

and for any further spring showers – we have a new James Bond 007 arriving to the cinemas……

Happy Dancing Everybody, see you at La Confiteria Ideal tomorrow at 3.30pm…..

besos from Eduardo,
and as always Kikki


Week 45 – Monday, November 13,06 in Buenos Aires-

Hola Everybody,

Well, Eduardo is back in town and everybody is glad to see him again….
His private and group classes are back to regular schedule,


And the beat goes on……. Color Tango, Los Reyes Del Tango, San Sauci, Fernando Fiero – some of the Orchestras you can dance to in the Milongas of at the moment,

Mariano Mores, Cacho Castana, The Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires some of the artists you can see in the theatres at the moment in Buenos Aires,

Nov 22 is Dia del Musica with festivities at Plaza del Mayo and lots of music ……

Until we meet again, happy dancing,

besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki


Week 44 – Monday, November 6,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

There might be 15,000 cars lining up to enter Buenos Aires most mornings but on Sundays you can have the city to yourself – especially when it rains!!!!! Did you have a good weekend? The sun is back for the week so bring your sun screen as you explore the city…..


La Feria de las Naciones is on at the Exhibition Hall (beside the faculty of law). Like dancing at a crowded milonga but always fun and interesting.

and yes, the Christmas Bazaar is coming up at the Swedish church this Sunday… snow has arrived in Sweden as in Canada……

but we are in Buenos Aires where the trees are blooming and humming birds appearing….

and where you can dance your hearts desire in a tango…….

at the beautiful Club Espanol, the ever popular Nino Bien, over dinner at La Ciudad, at the intimate El Beso…….and so many more…..

and we will see you at La Confiteria Ideal como siempre…….

travelling besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki


Week 43 – Monday, October 30,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

We had a bit of rain in Buenos Aires last week but the sun is back and the promise of the week ahead is for lots of sunshine – the purple hue of the jacaranda blooms will deepen and enchant us all..


We will be with Cecilia and Gustavo at Eduardos class-practica at La Ideal on Tuesday afternoons while he is travelling, and with Marisa and Gustavo on Tuesday nights at Viejo Correo – see you there!!

and we will be back at La Ideal on Wednesday night, November 15th for another night of fascinating and ecclectic dancing….

for your entertainment pleasure in the city that stays open 24 hours a day……..

Nov 1st – Mercedes Sosa in Teatro Colon – funcion extraordinaire…. before la sala principal closes for renovations….

Nov 3 – Tango en Luna Park – De Piazzola a Ferrer – with the Philharmonic Orchestra de Buenos Aires…

Recoleta Village have comfortable seats and air conditioning – El Ultima Bandoneon – at the movies this week… located right next door to el ultima lugar de Eva Peron…..

and the Buenos Aires Zoo celebrated its 118 year anniversary last weekend – check out the new and improved living environment for the elephants ….and feel transported to Thailand..

Buenos Aires in the world – the world in Buenos Aires – the place of those new Levis commercial ……looks familiar….could it be!!!?

until next week,

travelling besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki


Week 42 – Monday, October 23,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody,

Hot and steamy dancing under the blazing sun in Buenos Aires this week……..


International graphic art exhibit is on today and tomorrow at La Rural by Plaza Italia,
Teatro Colon is still open for tours, music and opera,
Summer fashion fill the windows, white, red, denim blue and green….
Did you see the installation at El Museo de Bellas Artes?

So much to do, so little time…… It is always like that in Buenos Aires….

Take a break – have an ice cream – as you dance away your week ….

and see you tomorrow at La Confiteria Ideal……

besos from Eduardo
and as always Kikki


Week 41 – Monday, October 16,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Happy Mothers Day!! The same sentiments, the same season – simply in a different month – in Buenos Aires this week starts with a holiday, the last long weekend of the year….. Last Wednesday at La Confiteria Ideal was a special night, Eduardos performance with Marisa, the music of Los Reyes del Tango, friends and family around the table – muy buena onda – wonderful ambience – a night to celebrate with a toast to life and to each other!!!


This Wednesday night Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Ann will dance at MiMilonga after Eduardos class. Springtime in Buenos Aires means pollen in the air – sneezing, runny nose and scratchy throat – not necessarily a cold, could very well be an allergy – try Aerotina or essential oil of eucalyptus for relief. The weather is pleasant – outdoor concerts at Rosedal on Sundays starting at 3pm. At Plaza San Martin stroll through the exhibit of Hearts. The graphic art convention is coming up at la Rural. And the dancing continues every day, every night -whenever you feel like dancing – you can…….. See you at la Confiteria Ideal….. always looking forward to hearing from you, until next week …. besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki


Week 39 – Monday, October 2,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Well, the heavens opened and it rained in Buenos Aires!!!!!! Did the weather inspire you to stay in bed and read a book? or did you venture out to see Tango at Teatro Colon? Welcome- you who are coming to Buenos Aires for the first time and welcome back to you who are returning. So nice to have you here – enjoy your stay and
DANCE, dance, dance……..

Come and say hi at la Confiteria Ideal – Eduardos class- practica – Tuesdays 3.30-6.30pm Eduardos group class – Wednesdays 9-10.30pm Eduardo will MC the Milonga and the entertainment that follows and Eduardos group class – Tuesdays 8.30-10.pm at Viejo Correo followed by Milonga To schedule a private class with Eduardo or to schedule a personal study program contact Eduardo or Kikki

For something different visit FOA – this year Casa Foa is in Palacio Lezama from 29-09 al 19-11 Lun a dom 11.30 a 20.30 hs at Martín García 320 www.casafoa.com its a great experience Art Week – la Semana del Arte Oct 7 – free entrance to 78 museos – in the Night of Museum, Lots of activities and entertainment in Abasto, Palermo and a fiesta in Puerto Madero only a couple of events for you to enjoy this week in Buenos Aires…….. until next week – looking forward to hearing from you, besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki


Week 38 – Monday, September 18 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Springtime in Buenos Aires – Sunshine in Buenos Aires !!!!!!! and Eduardo is back in Buenos Aires!!!! Everybody is smiling!!!! I missed you !!!! and am happy to be in touch again!!! How are you? What were you all doing while we were away, I wonder? Hope you are well, enjoying springtime in Buenos Aires, fall in North America and Europe or whatever season you are in….. Buenos Aires is lovely, the leaves on the trees are opening, the parks are being rejuvenated, last night we had dinner with a friend outside….. The other day I walked in a big circle connecting again with the city, wondering where El Centro will transform into reality….. in what place will we live our dreams – and yours???? Eduardos dream of travelling the world with his mother was realized!!!!! and brought Gladis on a 3 month journey getting to know a very different world while watching her son doing what he loves to do. Thank you everybody for being part of it. Now as we take a breath, our journey continues, together we join in passion for life and commitment to the positive force of love to release the joy within and create a world of peace -as we dance, of course, dance, dance, dance it into being. Here in Buenos Aires on Tuesday afternoons we continue to have a good time learning, dancing and being together at Eduardos class-practica at La Confiteria Ideal. This Wednesday night in La Confiteria Ideal we dance to the music of Orchestra Color Tango – Eduardo will MC at MiMilonga after his group class. Eduardos private classes are getting organized – let him or me know if you want to schedule one, or if you want to study on a weekly basis. Wonderful to be with you again, for you who are travelling – have a safe journey and Happy New Years……, for you who will be here soon – have a good time preparing, for you who are here – see you in the city, and for you at home – until next week, looking forward to hearing from you here in Buenos Aires, besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki




Week 24 – Monday, June 12,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Quiet times in Buenos Aires??!! Feel like curling up in bed to watch a movie? With a cup of hot chocolate….. Reflect on times past while walking down Libertador at sunset!!! Browsing Recoleta market under the light of the full moon!!!! The seasons affect us everywhere…….The coolness of fall, the soft light and long shadows invite us to contemplate…..to understand what was, to prepare for what is coming…..all part of dancing tango in Buenos Aires………. next game in mundial for Argentina is on friday…….do you feel the excitement!!! are you ready to cheer!!! as usual you can find us at the enchanted confiteria la Ideal…… besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 23 – Monday, June 5,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Football fever in Buenos Aires!!!!!! Even the tango map has the schedule of the games!!!! Opening ceremonies on Friday will no doubt be spectacular entertainment……. The air is heavy with humidity this week in the city…….the rain brings relief for a while…..the sun still invites to lunch outside most days, walking is great …. and paying attention to your shoes is important when you are in Buenos Aires!!! The choice is endless, the designs wonderful – cowboy boots with pearls, sude boots to the thighs, leather walking shoes with many colours, pointy toes, round toes, high heals, low heals, no heals……. casual occasion? going out for the evening? watch the colourful sandals dancing past in the milongas!!!! … you will soon have an extra bag to bring home from Buenos Aires…….. Wishing you many wonderful tangoes…….. besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki


Week 22 – Monday, May 29,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, are you ready for the Martin Fierros tonight !!!?? the champagne chilled??? a few appetizers ready !!! will you dress for the gala, invite a few friends and join la grand diva de Argentina – Mirta Legrand – as she hands out this years awards……or pop some popcorn and lounge in your most comfortable pjs in front of the TV???!!! enjoy the evening, enjoy the fashion, enjoy getting to know more of the arts and entertainment here in Buenos Aires. …… tonight at 9pm, and on wednesday night at la Ideal, we say a big hello and welcome to Marisa, who will be back teaching with Eduardo at 9pm…. the qualifying rounds for the 2006 metropolitan campeonata continues, last week at la Ideal we enjoyed the performance of the current tango salon champions, and watching all the hopeful couples dancing past our table….. and on Tuesday and Wednesday night at teatro de la Comedia you can still catch Tango and Fire – a great show by Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn, on Rodrigues Pena – between Santa Fe and Marcelo T, starts at 8pm …… did you catch the snowshow at la rural?? the season is coming….. but it is still a little strange to put on a warm jacket here in Buenos Aires….. besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki


Week 21 – Monday, May 22,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, empanadas, locro, humitas, choripan and lomitos – some of the traditional, argentinean food to be enjoyed in Buenos Aires, especially on this Thursday, May 25th – a very special national holiday, celebrating independence and the formation of the first government council, in this spirit i raise my glass in a toast to you and celebrate the day of my own birth once more, thank you for your company, for your inspiration and motivation, may our hearts be blessed ……. dancing tango in Buenos Aires, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 20 – Monday, May 15,06 in Buenos Aires

Hola Everybody, Another beautiful week in Buenos Aires, this being the 2nd anniversary of the Wednesday night milonga at la confiteria Ideal!!!!! We will enjoy dancing to the music of 2 great orchestras on the same night- los Reyes del Tango and Color Tango, and watch the performance of Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Ann among others – Eduardo will be there to MC and welcome you all, and on Tuesday afternoon la confiteria Ideal continues to be our meeting place for a good time during Eduardos class-practica, come join us at this wonderful venue for an afternoon of great learning…. la confiteria Ideal – a place of many memories and much history, -a friend remembers it in its glory 40 years ago, going for hot chocolate and medialunas with her grandmother every Sunday…… -the dance scenes in the movie Tango Lesson-an inspiration for many people to dance tango and to come to Buenos Aires….. -an ever popular place for documentaries, videos, classes and a place to dance every day…… see you there when you are in Buenos Aires, besos de Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 17- Monday, April 24,06, Week 18-Monday, May 1,06, Week 19-Monday, May 8,06  in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, missed you all these last couple of weeks………. hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather – from very cool almost winter moments to the springlike day we have today….

Week 17 april 24,06- busy,busy – came and went – see you next time around!!!!

Week 18 may 1,06- we took advantage of the long weekend and went to rest and breathe some fresh air in the country while celebrating Eduardos mothers birthday, the village Eduardo comes from is wonderful and to sit on the patio of their house and watch the palms and plants is indeed restful to the soul……i hope many of you will have the opportunity to meet Gladis soon….

Week 19 may 8,06 – here we are – back in the city and enjoying this life too…. the book fair has ended, the art fair is coming up from may 19th to 24th… Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn are in Buenos Aires with their show during May and June – teatro la Comedia on Rodrigues Pena…. the big fiesta at la Ideal is coming up soon, May 17th – let me or Eduardo know if you want to buy tickets beforehand, Colortango and los Reyes del Tango at the same night with Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Ann dancing and much more – it will be a grand night….. here are less tourists now but more people who come to stay long term, to dance and study tango or to study spanish or just to live in this culture….. friends are getting ready to leave – and leave empty spaces in our lives, some return to their homes others travel to new continents to explore new and different lives – at the same time friends are preparing their return to Buenos Aires to explore new lives, new relationships, new parts of the city…… our international family is growing, we are getting to know each other better, appreciating our differences, recognizing our common values……. to LIVE IS GRAND – to reflect it into our world IS GRAND……. until next week here in Buenos Aires, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 16 – Monday, April 17,06  in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, happy dancing – and happy reading, the yearly book fair is opening this week in la rural, dont miss it and be prepared for hours to disappear………it is quite an event!!!!! Cirque de Soleil – not too many tickets left ……. Julio Bocca tango is back for a short run in the theatre, Sara Baras, flamenco from Spain will follow, Victor,Victoria with Raul Lavoi is opening in May… the ballet la Sylphide is on at Teatro Colon where you can also listen to classical music with the philharmonic orchestra – Teatro Colon is scheduled to close for renovations in October for some time – now is a good time to see it…… the Buenos Aires independent film festival…..and Iceage 2 is in the theatres – just as fun as number 1, Creedance Clearwater Revival is coming to Luna Park as is the Ear of van Gogh and many others, Tubatango is playing in the milongas as are the orchestras los Reyes del Tango and Color Tango, the pamphlets distributed in the milongas have details of when and where, friends are still getting together and dancing in the livingroom even in Buenos Aires -just like we used to…..and give moments that will be with us forever as our lives changes……. have a great week and bring your wrap for early mornings and the cool nights…….. besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki.


Week 15 – Monday, April 10,06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, bienvenido April …..April fools day, April in Paris, April showers…. those seems to be popular in spring as in fall….. as are weddings….beautiful are the brides, proud are the grooms, commitment to love, expanding family worlds…..getting to know new places….. we went to the province of San Juan over the weekend, the landscape reminiscent of Nevada, goldmines and dinosaurs, modern city rebuilt on the one destroyed in an earthquake moment, sunny and dry, close to the Andes, downtown lush with trees watered underground, the people fashionable and comfortable…a mini Buenos Aires….like Winnipeg a surprising place…..we will be back to explore it further!!! yes, WE ARE GOING EXPLORING!!!!! you are invited to come along….if you are in Buenos Aires come and explore new places with us on the weekends…. not a tour….we simply travel together and we would enjoy your company… we are going to MENDOZA this coming weekend…..wine country, university city, ski country, hiking, rafting, resting around the pool!! let me or Eduardo know if you are interested…we are looking into cost etc, happy dancing everybody, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 14- Monday, April 3, 06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, there is this fascination with time in Buenos Aires, a week goes by before you know it……. each day full of activities, each moment keenly felt, life lived in the present – sometimes exhilirating – sometimes overwhelming, like an oasis is the sight of each tree, like a retreat is the aroma of coffee, like a meditation is walking in the rosegarden…. HAPPY EASTER FELIZ PASQUA GLAD PASK besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 13 – Monday, March 27,06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, …….still catching up it seems……..this week in Buenos Aires is filled with people coming and going just like every week in Buenos Aires……… and how do you leave Buenos Aires? it is always difficult!!…….a week gives you a taste of it, after 10 days you want more……a month seems adequate until you get here, you wonder how you can fill 3 months- yet after 4 months you find there is still lots to see!!!!!……. a year…….it does not seem possible…..was it not yesterday i arrived??? to understand and connect to the essence of tango you need your own personal, intimate experience of dancing with Buenos Aires, dance your tango with Buenos Aires and follow your heart to find the people and places that will teach you your next step in tango….. bon voyage to those who are leaving our lives here – thank you so much for being with us and bienvenido to those who are on their way to join us – we are looking forward to seeing you, to giving you an embrace in Buenos Aires……. do you want a very fine haircut while in Buenos Aires? are you ready for a massage? a pedicure? are your nails in need of attention? time to deepclean your face? and that all important depilacion!!??? give us a call, we know some good people places that our hearts have found and we are glad to share with you…… havve a great week and wonderful weekend everybody…….. until next week, the opera is on at Teatro Colon……. besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 12 – Monday, March 20,06  in Buenos Aires

Hello everybody, well, it seems like we have been on a long trip and just arrived back – CITA time was very busy as always – staying downtown for a few days made coordinating a little easier……although we are still trying to catch up on sleep…… Eduardos performance with Cecilia on Monday night in the theatre was an experience to remember and felicitaciones to you who were there to see it – we are looking forward to reliving it on the cita video which will be ready for sale in October….. Marisa’s foot is healing and she is gradually able to put weight on it – a matter of time and patience as is the process of healing……soon she will be back dancing and teaching again… the cita conference ended and university started a few hours later – Eduardo is enjoying studying and seeing his university buddies again, life at la confiteria Ideal continues on Tuesday afternoons with Cecilia and los chicos helping out and Wednesday nights with Aldana and los chicos, kTuesday nights at Viejo Correo with Cecilia until Marisa returns, always enjoy seeing you there….

Each year more people come to study with Eduardo and we all know that he delights in motivating and inspire everyone to live life fully and dance their very best, he is grateful to his regular students for understanding the need to reschedule some private classes last week – sending you gracias and many besos… with his very busy schedule you will hear a bit more from me coordinating and communicating but your time with Eduardo is – just like your time with Buenos Aires – your own personal experience…….. so hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and a big welcome to FALL or SPRING depending on where you are in the world, missed being in touch with you all on Monday and hope this finds you all well on Thursday, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki

ps Color Tango is playing tonight at la Ideal


Week 11 – Monday, March 13,06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, well, cita is upon us, Sunday night is opening night and on Monday the classes start, to those who are taking part we wish you a great time – both with classes and meeting people from all over the world, if you want to see the shows – you can buy tickets for the performances- in the theatre on Monday and Tuesday nights, Eduardo will perform in the Monday night show, this year he will dance with Cecilia while Marisa is recovering from her injury, you can buy your ticket at city office in COM located on Sarmiento (in the first block off Callao-on the right hand side) the office is open from 12noon until 8pm, – ask for cita office – it is on the first floor, the location for the shows – Teatro Astral Corrientes 1639 time – show starts at 10.30pm cost 15, 25 or 35 US$ you can also buy tickets for the closing show on next Sunday, March 19th starting at 10.30pm at palacio San Miguel, Suipacha 85 – 25 US$ each


Week 10 – Monday, March 6,06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, where does the time go? is it moving ever faster? or has time slowed down? are we moving faster in the same spot? in the city every moment seems filled with action and activity….. and before you know it a week has gone by……… on the beach an hour quiet contemplation expands to fill your being with endless peace and harmony …….. walking barefoot on the sandy beach grounds you to the earth – dance a vals with nature – desde de alma – from the soul – and restore balance to encounter joy and harmony……. can you tell i went to Colonia and spent the day on the beach? taking el rapido – the hydrofoil takes about 1 hour and brings you into Colonia about noon, returning to Buenos Aires with lady Isabel takes about 3 hours and brings you home by midnight, you can go down to immigraciones – located behind Sheraton hotel in retiro – and extend your tourist visa for 3 months, the cost is 100 pesos, after 6 months you need to leave the country and reenter – Colonia is the most convenient place to go, did you enjoy the city tango festival? this week starts the preparation for CITA in earnest and next Sunday the festivities begin….. did you notice all the little children in white lab coats pulling their backpacks on wheels……fall has arrived – and school is in session… the evenings are getting shorter, the light is soft and lovely, the weather is precious, – in Europe winter persists with more snow storms but a friend whispered in my ear that the snow drops are appearing still ready for spring…..

I am quietly working away, am enjoying my conversations with you all, Eduardo will not be at Viejo Correo this Tuesday as he has an exam on Wednesday morning but will enjoy seeing you at la Ideal on Wednesday night as usual……… soon it will be time for another fiesta at our place – el CENTRO…..until then take care, give us a call and enjoy your time in Buenos Aires….. besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 9 – Monday, February 27,06   in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, hope you are enjoying the free classes during the city of Buenos Aires tango festival week – last night was well attended at la Ideal and Eduardo enjoyed teaching a group of more than 100 people at Viejo Correo… there are detailed program guide at the milongas and tourist kioskos – orchestra Colour Tango played at la Ideal last Wednesday and everybody was excited to see Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones arrive and stay to enjoy the music and the milonga, – I hear he arranged for private tango instructions for the whole band, but they preferred to watch the dance……..maybe next time…… U2 is here for a couple of concerts – maybe we will see Bono somewhere…….in Buenos Aires you never know who will sit next to you at a milonga…. this coming weekend you can still go to carnival in Entre Rios or enjoy Vendimia 2006 in Mendoza and before we know it CITA will open its doors for an intense time of dancing and socializing here in Buenos Aires…….. have you tried Chandon with lemon sherbet??? a lovely argentinean custom……. looking forward to a glass of bubbly with you….. until next week. besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 8 – Monday, February 20,06    in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, HOT is word for Buenos Aires, HOT are the days, HOT are the nights, January weather in February……. the portenos are returning to their city, the last wave of vacationers are travelling to the beach, the summer sales are starting, the stationery stores are are putting out their back to school items…….. the angle of the sun in late afternoon creates magic with the light, the colours at sunset are as soft as the breeze in the morning……… our PLACE – el CENTRO – has officially been launched!!!!!!! the move has been completed….. thank you for being there with us, for making it all happen……for celebrating with us……..such a good time simply being together, socializing with our international family, sharing food and wine and stories!!!!!! It is a pleasure to bring people together.!!! and the dance continues……the city tango festival is starting at the end of this week, there will be lots of music and opportunities to take classes with various teachers…. this is the time of year for festivals around the country, folklore, carnival, wine and beer – celebrating the community – celebrating its people, remembering who we are, hearing our hearts beat during the HOT time in buenos aires… bon voyage to those of you who are leaving – thanks for your company -stay in touch…… bienvenido to those of you who are arriving – give us a call, drop by for a cup of coffee….. do you want to cool off and stay in the city – punto carrasco waterpark – weekend entrance 25 pesos – lets you cool off in the pools among the palm trees……. besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 7 – Monday, February 13,06   in Buenos Aires
Hola everybody, well, this weekend we are travelling……. Saludos from the countryside, from Eduardos home, our lungs are appreciating the fresh air, our eyes delight in the various shades of green, the kids still ride the horse to the store, the monkey still lives in the treetops, the palm trees stand tall and the patio still invites you to relax… home cooked food, family sharing time and stories, fishing by the river, asado in the grass, sleeping the siesta, greeting child hood friends – all that which is of such value in life…… so we think of all of you – our friends in Buenos Aires and look forward to when you can join us in the country side as well as in the city…… tonight we are on our way back to wish you HAPPY VALENTINES – tomorrow Tuesday, at la Ideal from 3.30-6.30pm and Viejo Correo at 8.30-10pm followed by milonga….. and the excitement of moving to the new apartment….. hope you will all come to see it!!!!! and wishing you many wonderful tangos, besos from Eduardo, and as always kikki


Week 6 – Monday, February 06,06    in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, a beautiful start to a beautiful week!!!!! hope you all had a pleasant weekend, sunday was a great day for the pool – lounging in the shade of the trees or cooling off in the water – hamburger and fries anybody?!or maybe just some fruit……. more than 50,000 people enjoyed the free outdoor concert at Rosedal, various artists will perform on sunday nights- keep an eye out for the announcements…. the forecast calls for good weather all week so enjoy – enjoy – being outdoors, I so appreciate the lovely conversations with you and am grateful to share your impressions and interest, it all enriches my life immensly…..thank you so much…. it is one of the pleasures of being in this culture and in Buenos Aires, the importance of connecting with people over a cup of coffee or a meal, when you are having a good time, you are often invited to a glass of champagne or a cup of coffee – I think it is a lovely way of rewarding and encouraging people being together……. as always here is lots of movements – as some people are packing for their journey here, others are returning, some from vacation in Argentina, some from visits across the seas, some come to stay for a short time, others decide to stay longer, thanks for staying in touch, and do not hesitate to call, Eduardo is quite busy teaching,

if you want to study with him let me or him know – he will do his very best to make time for you, while he is also paying attention to his university studies.. group lessons continue,
la Ideal -Tuesday afternoons 3.30-6.30pm – class practica,
la Ideal – Wednesday nights -9-10.30pm – group class followed by milonga – always ecclectic, always interesting,
Viejo Correo – Tuesday nights at 8.30-10pm group class followed by a more traditional milonga, come and enjoy the ambience,
Diaz Velez 4820 en frente Parque Centenario,

if you want to stay at our apartment or know of somebody who is coming here and need accommodation let us know, the move is coming up soon and we are looking forward to seeing you there,!!!! Mirta Legrand, the grand diva of Agentina is sending her daily program – lunch with Mirta – from Mar del Plata during the summer season, weekdays from 1-2.30pm, channel 11, a great way to learn Spanish – listen to her conversations with whos who in Argentina……. have a wonderful week, be safe, looking forward to hearing from you, besos from Eduardo, and as always Kikki


Week 5 – Monday, January 30,06    in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, well, after a stifling weekend the short rain storm this morning left the day with glorious sunshine and a fresh breeze, what a pleasure to sit outside again to have morning coffee…… the most exciting news for us is that we have decided on an interim apartment while we continue to search for -just the right place- for our PLACE – el CENTRO, the apartment is light and airy and we have a bedroom, with a comfortable double bed to rent, the cost is US$175 per week and we are looking forward to sharing it with all of you – so if you are interested and-or if you know of somebody who is coming to Buenos Aires, please let them know….

I am enclosing a little description of it….. hope you all had a good week and found ways to stay cool, Eduardo is busy teaching – sends his love as always and looking forward to seeing you in class or around town, and we both look forward to the first fiesta in our place …… Marisa has broken a bone in her foot, she is well but will need some time to recouperate, we will bring a card to la Ideal and to Viejo Correo – please see me if you would like to sign the card and wish her well – and if you want to be part of sending her some flowers, the city tango festival is coming up and you can register for classes until Feb 10th it will be a week filled with music and dance from Feb 24-Mar3rd, did you notice the almost empty streets in Buenos Aires????…….lots of tour buses but the portenos are still on vacation…….. always looking forward to hearing from you -your favourite places to dance, classes and places to visit, how about favourite places to eat??!!!! take care everybody and enjoy this week in buenos aires, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 4 – Monday, January 23,06  in Buenos Aires

Hola everybody, EDUARDO IS BACK and everybody is happy to have his presence here in Buenos Aires, he had another very positive experience during his travels and inspired more people to dance,…….. tomorrow afternoon he will be at la Ideal from 3.30-6.30 pm, and if you prefer he will be at Viejo Correo -Dias Velez 4820 and teach a class from 830-10pm followed by a milonga, Wednesday night is another group class from 9-10.30 pm at la Ideal followed by a milonga, let me know if you plan to be there and want to join us at his table…… Thursday pm from 4-11pm at club Espanol, Bernardo de Yirigoyen 174, is one of the friendliest milongas in town and in one of the most beautiful buildings, the restaurant downstairs has good food and is as beautiful as is the upstairs milonga…..

if you are in Buenos Aires or if you will soon be here and you want to take private classes with Eduardo, please let me know so he can schedule them, he has a limited amount of time now when he is studying full time at university…… we say bon voyage to Monika- we will miss you but know that you will soon be back in beautiful Buenos Aires, wishing you a wonderful trip back home…… well, vacation time in Buenos Aires means that on Saturday afternoons traffic seems like Sunday mornings…….and you can get places with great speed……. the weather is comfortable, a little strange with all the clouds in the summertime, but the breeze is nice and temperatures in the 20+C range is comfortable, the sun is still hot and sunscreen is a must but in the city the days are rather comfortable, in Eduardo’s home province of Santa Fe it is HOT, hot, hot……… Miguel Angel Zotto has a tango show in the theatre Lola Membrives on Corrientes that some friends enjoyed going to, Cacho Castana is in the hospital for observations – we wish hime well, such a great performer the producers – the movie keeps your interest throughout the movie….. on the weekends in Puerto Maderos during January you can enjoy free big screen outdoor movies, just like the drive ins used to be…………. Falabella is opening a second store on Florida street, good fashion and quality for reasonably prices – so i hear……. lots to do in Buenos Aires, hope you are all having fun, seems like a lot of friends are coming to visit…….. take care, cuidate, besos from Eduardo and as always Kikki


Week 3- Monday, January 16,06(in Buenos Aires)

Hola everybody, what a beautiful afternoon we are enjoying after all the rain, yesterday was as dark as any January day in the northwest……. hope you were all able to stay warm and dry, the movie theatres in Buenos Aires are comfortable and in village Recoleta there are showings from before noon to after midnight…. in the theatres now, apart from the Chronicles of Narnia, is Un Amor-Dos Destinos with Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer lLopez, a film by the Swedish film maker Lasse Hallstrom, and Family Stone, with Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker and others, both movies really enjoyable and well acted – in case you feel like taking a break – on Wednesdays you pay 7.50 instead of the usual 12.75……. friends saw Memories of a Geisha and enjoyed it, next is King Kong – 3.5 hours!!!!!!!!

I am still writing away………..feel free to phone me……… had a friend drop by Buenos Aires for the day – I arrived in time to wave goodbye as the cruise ship left port, another friend needed to go to the basilica in Lujan, the Virgin of Lujan is the protectora for safe travels, – and so I went too….. the local bus takes about 2.5 hours at a cost of 5 pesos, el rapido with final point at Plaza Italia gets you home in 1.5 hours at a cost 5.5 pesos and with more comfort, the basilica is beautiful, there is construction in the plaza around it, the traditional restaurant kitty corner from the entrance serves the most wonderful pan casero, very good coffee and the salmon was delicious – you can also bring a picnic basket and relax in the park adjacent to the basilica, well,not to forget the dance in Buenos Aires, hope you are having many fine tango dances………. I will drop by la ideal on Tuesday afternoon, let me know if you want to go to the milonga at la Ideal on Wednesday night – I will be there, mid January already – where does that time go!!!!!! eduardo will be back in town next week, he sends besos from the road and always thinking of you all, como siempre Kikki


2005 From Buenos Aires


Hola Hello Hej Everybody,

Spring has arrived!!!!! Everybody is ready for blue skies. Winter has been unusually long and grey. Traditionally, students are gathering in the parks of Palermo to celebrate and picnic in the grass. Love is in the air!!!!!

As we walk by plaza Almagro suddenly the trees are showing their soft yellow green leaves – how can it be the same surprise every year???

The winter sales signs are being replaced by new, cool spring fashion in the shop windows, shoes with wedge heels, sandals with shiny beads, turquoise and brown tones are still popular, peach is appearing as is green in various shades. Buenos Aires is fashion conscious and stylish.

The 80th anniversary gala at teatro Colon was a splendid affair with many wonderful guest artists joining the regular teatro Colon performers.

To lift your eyes and gaze at the beautiful architecture in this city turns every walk into a visual pleasure and makes you want to step back in time to see it like it was in early last century.

The International Festival of Buenos Aires is on with many theatre and dance performances. The next tango festival is coming up in October. Each month is filled with different festivities.

Living in Buenos Aires is to live and enjoy the reality of the moment, it is action in motion, a constant acceptance of change, a continuing process of feeling and modifying of emotions and sensations to move forward with a positive attitude….and renewed hope for a better tomorrow……. like dancing tango………

Miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon at your home away from home,

besos from eduardo

and as always kikki



FELIZ ANO NUEVO HAPPY NEW YEARS GOTT NYTT AR Christmas and New Year is summertime in Buenos Aires!!!!!!

The sun is hot, the nights are warm, the yearly vacation exodus begins. A steady stream of buses leave Retiro, the central bus station, for destinations throughout the country, -another steady stream of buses bring visitors to browse the sights of the city. With a week of celebration we launched Eduardo into his 30s!!!!

Thank you for your heartfelt messages, phone calls and cards – you all felt part of our celebrations. It was a genuine pleasure to celebrate Eduardo, who gives of himself so freely and generously, who inspires and motivates us with his joy of life, who makes us laugh and focus on the positive and who teaches us to dance our very best. A week of roses and champagne and wishes for good health, much love and passionate sweetness – especially dulce de leche – and many positive and joyful life experiences throughout the decade!!!

The nights of Buenos Aires are pretty, lit up by twinkling lights and christmas trees, noche buena-christmas eve is a family celebration with much joy and lots of fireworks at midnight. Christmas Day a lovely dinner with our international family, people from different places celebrating together!!!!!

As we get ready to raise our glass of champagne and celebrate a new year – we remember the silence of those who left – in the tsunami, the earthquake, the hurricanes and especially – in this moment, in Buenos Aires, the young people and families of Cromagnon. Life is forever changing and so are we…..so in this moment we extend our hearts to yours and wish you a year of good health, much joy and many wonderful tangos – and see you here next year – just say SI-BUENOS AIRES!!!!!!!!!!!

FELIZ ANO NUEVO HAPPY NEW YEARS GOTT NYTT AR besos from Eduardo Saucedo and as always Kikki www.eduardosaucedo.com.ar www.kikkis.com



Hola    Hello     Hej    Everybody,

Spring has arrived!!!!!  Everybody is ready for blue skies.  Winter has been unusually long and grey.   Traditionally, students are gathering in the parks of Palermo to celebrate and picnic in the grass.  Love is in the air!!!!!

As we walk by plaza Almagro suddenly the trees are showing their soft yellow green leaves – how can it be the same surprise every year???

The winter sales signs are being replaced by new, cool spring fashion in the shop windows,  shoes with wedge heels, sandals with shiny beads, turquoise and brown tones are still popular, peach is appearing as is green in various shades.  Buenos Aires is fashion conscious and stylish.

The 80th anniversary gala at teatro Colon was a splendid affair with many wonderful guest artists joining the regular teatro Colon performers.

To lift your eyes and gaze at the beautiful architecture in this city turns every walk into a visual pleasure and makes you want to step back in time to see it like it was in early last century.

The International Festival of Buenos Aires is on with many theatre and dance performances.  The next tango festival is coming up in October.  Each month is filled with different festivities.

Living in Buenos Aires is to live and enjoy the reality of the moment,  it is action in motion, a constant acceptance of change, a continuing process of feeling and modifying of emotions and sensations to move forward with a positive attitude….and renewed hope for a better tomorrow……. like dancing tango………

Miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon at your home away from home,

besos from Eduardo

and as always    Kikki


HOLA HELLO HEJ Hello everybody, greetings-saludos de Buenos Aires,

I followed the blue carpet covering the sidewalks. On the street corners musicians were singing and playing. Walking through pink rose petals to enter one store, I glanced at the immense shell filled with fresh oysters in a restaurant and emerged to sip my glass of champagne by the fountain outside yet another designer shore. Had my red boots brought me somewhere over the rainbow? or was I in Kansas?……….

It was a lovely night to contemplate and enjoy the art exhibits of photographs, sculptures and paintings accenting the beautiful clothes. Art and fashion in Recoleta – including a series of tango paintings set in some of the familiar milongas.

Another day I followed the stream of people to the feria de las Naciones. The big building was crowded, booths filled with schals and colourful skirts from India and China, belly dancing belts and jewellery from Arabia and specialty foods from Argentina. Tables and chairs in the food court saw intense competition and sharing with strangers brought unexpected moments of joy.

Tango and dancing in Buenos Aires – watching an exhibition by Maria Nieves dancing with Junior in a milonga, a Canadian friend attending a tango festival, some American friends spending a week at an intensive tango workshop, a concert by Gotan Project in the theatre, la Confiteria Ideal, our well loved centre with dancing until dawn.

A big city is a place filled with intense contrast and an ecclectic mix of people. It allows you to explore many aspects of yourself. Stepping in tune with your inner music keeps you centred in harmony and your own balance to dance lovely tangos………….

Miss you all and hope to see you soon in Buenos Aires, as always Kikki



Victoria, August 20/03
1. Returning to Buenos Aires

Living your life trying to find the path life has prepared for you is a different kind of existance than forging your own path in life.

The sign on my wall ecos the voice of Carlos Gardel in the familiar song – Mi Buenos Aires querida cuando yo te vuelva a ver – my lovely Buenos Aires when will I see you again. This question has appeared every morning since my return to Canada about 2 1/2 years ago.

Yesterday I went into my travel agency to ask about various options and walked out with my next ticket to Buenos Aires confirmed. On each leg of the journey one seat remained at a special price – I simply had to make the decision and step into it. The return not quite so simple, my intended 2 weeks turning into almost 4.

So here I go again – organizing, packing, preparing – one day’s notice, simply following my intuition and trusting life to lead my every step while at the same time keeping focus on my purpose.

A beautiful, sunny day – the angle of the sun foretelling the fall season to come. I had to move the spiderwebs this morning to get out onto my balcony and the birds are back to feed on my little birdseed bell. It is still winter in Buenos Aires but it has been sunny there too. A sunny trip after the greyness of winter – a new beginning. Moving towards spring.

2. The Journey

The journey takes me from one reality to another. My life in Victoria is comfortable, it is quiet. One day leads into the next, focused on work yet closly connected to nature. Beacon Hill Park, gentle and very civilized, the ocean, always powerful and the Village nearby. I can be alone, as is need when I am writing and developing thoughts and concepts, or I can be surrounded by people when I feel the need to connect with friends and family.

Getting ready to leave shows me where I am in this life, whatever I am not able to complete will wait for my return. There are no shortcuts in life – only myriads of opportunities to learn.

Once I close the door I turn my attention on the journey. Travel has changed the last couple of years- the world has changed. I cannot rely totally on previous travelling experiences, already I need to be open to change. Because of a tight connection between flights I travel light and bring only cabin luggage. I am glad to spend some time with friends before leaving the westcoast but need to be up early the next morning. Various modes of transportation brings me step by step towards the longer journey. The mechanics have changed – self service check in, constant security checks. Tweezers and nailclippers are considered potential weapons and need to be discarded. The reality of time needs to be considered. I spend much of mine in the world of creativity where linear time does not exist but the journey requires attention to minutes and numbers.

In the air time passes quickly and uneventfully. It is possible to see the smoke from the great forest fires in the interior B.C. I am travelling this route for the first time. From Vancouver to Toronto connecting to Sao Paulo via Air Canada and continuing to Buenos Aires on Varig.

I have less than one hour to change terminals and flight in Toronto but there are quite a few of us continuing so they will hold the plane if necessary. A young Brasilian woman joins me and together we find our gate. SARS is still an issue and everybody needs to confirm their health, no fever, no cough – I am glad I do not have a cold.

The flights are full, every seat taken. We still get food although there is no choice of what to eat by the time the attendants reach the back of the plane. The knives are plastic, the forks still metal – I wonder about the logic of it all. What makes a metal knife more of a potential weapon than a metal fork? I used to take the opportunity to get to know my travelling companions but now I am content to simply rest.

It is a long journey-I start by picking up my first Canadian passport. I continue across Canada and continue south to Brasil.

Touching down the first time in a new country is exciting although I wait rather sleep deprived to complete my journey to Buenos Aires. It is wintertime still – I arrive in sandals and forgot my jacket but I am happy as I wonder how the time here will change me.

3. The Arrival

I am touching down in a new reality. Bienvenido a Buenos Aires, Welcome to Buenos Aires. A different country, a different language, a new experience. I am returning after almost 2 and a half years. I am arriving into winter for the first time. I speak the language now – with inadequate use of grammar – but I will understand and be able to communicate with people in a different way than before.

The formalities to enter pass quickly and I feel welcome. I walk quickly into my new life. Eduardo is meeting me. I see him waiting for me in among other people waving their signs.

It is wonderful to meet again and give him a hug in person. We can laugh together again as we see what this experience will bring.

The remise – a hired car with driver – is waiting. This time Eduardo has arranged everything and we can focus on catching up and enjoy each others company as we make our way into the city. The day is cloudy but I remember the route so clearly. We talk and I forget to look around but then I remember – I am in Buenos Aires and I feel instantly at home.

We drive past the turn off to Caballito, my old neighbourhood and continue downtown. We are preparing our tour, we will stay in different barrios, neighbourhoods and get to know the city even more.

I am not in the rythm of the traffic yet and glad to hold on to Eduardo´s arm crossing the immense boulevards. Here the car rules and people drive quickly. You need to pay attention crossing the streets, step into the rythm of the city but I am still feeling the length of the journey.

We want to provide a comfortable and safe experience for the people who come with us to dance and experience this great place. It is a big city and where you stay is an important part of the experience. We start to explore the centre. Yes, there is still a cafe or confeteria at just about every corner. I order the first of many cafe doubles. It is early afternoon and we have a bite to eat. I have arrived. I am happy.

4. El Centro

Living in el centro is very different from living in the barrios – neighbourhoods. It is convenient when staying for a short time and it is pretty with the lights. It is easier to walk and explore and has more activity and people on the streets at night.

Buenos Aires is quiter in the winter. Less people are out the weather is chilly. When it rains it is hard to be outside. The sidewalk tiles get slippery and hard to navigate. It is easier to wait out eh rain in one of the cafes.

I can feel the tough economic times and I can see the tiredness in the faces of the people. I also feel and hear the beginning of spring, of better times ahead. I am glad to be here. The perfume of the city – the diesel exhaust of the buses -yes, I breathe it in with a wrinkled nose but a smile on my face.

The rythm of the city is quick and never stops but some of the frenzieness of the hot summer days is missing and one quiet Sunday morning a car stops to let us cross the street and I cannot believe it is happening in Buenos Aires. It is the same with some of the taxi rides – a rather strange experience to be in a taxi with a driver who does not fight for the brass ring but is content to bring us to our destination. In Buenos Aires? I say questioning, but it is true.

There are more radio taxis, still the line of black and yellow cabs cruising down the right hand side of the streets, always ready to take you where you want, but some cruise by. Better cars, more security, promociones …..and simply changing times.

We walk and walk, I get a coat and boots on Florida Street. The prices are very good. Amber, sienna, browns and greens and red in many different shades. The shop windows are still displaying winter fashion.

I walk up Florida Street looking for an money exchange place. It is not very crowded but it is late in the day and the light is disappearing. I take a side trip to the Cathedral at Plaza de Mayo, one of my favourite places to pray.

Heliga Birgitta from Sweden has her picture on one of the columns. I walk down to greet Saint Cayetano. Raised in a social democratic country automatically born into the lutheran church did not give me much detailed knowledge of the Catholic religion but I like architecture and have come to appreciate Cathedrals.

My previous experience of Buenos Aires is from Cabellito, the geographic centre albeit not the centre of the city. Getting to know the centre – we are walking, we are going by taxi, we are taking the subte, the subway to look at many different places to stay. We keep a hectic pace and our experiences are intense and rich in learning for both of us as usual.

5. Dancing in the Afternoons

When I was in Buenos Aires a couple of years ago I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Now I am looking forward to shopping for new ones but I am still dancing in my old ones.

I went to meet my friend Maria Teresa at El Arranque, one of the traditional afternoon Milongas. Maria Teresa´s place is a tangohouse and this day she brought a woman from Seattle and another one from New York on their first visit to dance in Buenos Aires. I was content to once again be sitting at her table. I did not specifically come to dance, more to meet Maria Teresa but I did dance a Pugliese tanda.

A couple of days later I met Maria Teresa again in Club Espanol. It is a most beautiful building, very ornate inside. I remember it from CITA a couple of years back when we went to one of their Milongas there. The elevator has a bench in it and it was so much fun to laugh and remember all the fun times we had and to joke around a little.

I danced in my new boots – it is great to be back in this environment. I really like the tanda system, I like the music and I like knowing a little about tango and the codes in the Milongas. This afternoon there was yet another announcement about the death of a milonguero. Everybody showed their respect with a silent minute and then danced a tanda to honour his memory.

Generations change and it is a good time to come to Buenos Aires to dance. Some of the Milongueros who are dancing now have danced for the last 40-50 years. Without them the Milongas will be different, this is simply a natural part of life and I feel fortunate to be here again.

Many people like to dance in the afternoon Milongas – Is there still a lot of smoking – oh yes, absolutely but there are some non smoking areas in some confiterias and we have found a non smoking internet place. Quite amazing.

6. Tangoing the Nights in Buenos Aires

I am looking at Buenos Aires through slightly different eyes. I am here to dance, of course. Dancing in the Milongas is always a profound experience for me and dancing with Eduardo is always an experience from the heart.

But we are also here to prepare for our tango tour. I want to be more familar with the place and I want to know what else is happening in Buenos Aires.

We have worked a lot on the phone and email since he left Canada but in order to integrate it all we wanted and needed to put it all together here in the heart of it.

We are going to see the tangoshows, we go to the tango bars, we are dancing in the Milongas so we have a good all around program.

One of the dinner/tangoshows is in one of the oldest and most historical buildings in the area, the food is good, the dancers are very good and the music is excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We went to one of the tangobars early in the week. It is small and cozy yet has room to dance. Here is where we first danced together again. Unexpected but lovely. The show is more intimate, more interactive, the singers and musicians enjoy talking to the visitors.

We are tasting tango in Buenos Aires in many different ways. Dancing in the afternoon is different from dancing at night. Sharing a meal then watch a tangoshow on stage with live music is one thing, listening to tango singers and watch a couple dance is a completely different experience. Seeing a tango show in a theatre is yet another experience.

Taking part in a group class teaches you one thing, having a class with a Master teacher another.

The Milongas at night, a late dinner then dancing – You can do it, people are still dancing until 4.00am or so. I like this about the city, to have the choice.

So here we are walking and dancing our way through Buenos Aires. The time goes quickly and each moment is filled and complete.

7. Dining in Buenos Aires

To eat in Buenos Aires is easy. There is a cafe, a confiteria or a restaurant on every corner.

Breakfast is usually light, coffee and medialunas (sweet croissants) or other pastries. There is continental breakfast of toast with butter and jam. There is American breakfast with eggs included. The hotels generally include breakfast in their rates and it is usually served until 10am or 10.30am very rarely until 11am.

The confiterias are open all day and late into the nights. Here you can eat light food, like pizza, empanadas, sallads as well as meals like chicken, fish and meat. Each place often offers a daily special. You can drop in for just a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is casual. If you sit at a table with a tablecloth and want to have a cup of coffe, the tablecloth quickly gets removed and if you sit at a table without a tablecloth and want to eat one quickly appears.

You can feel the time and history in the traditional cafes. I think most of us know La Confiteria Ideal from the movie the Tangolesson and most people who have been to Buenos Aires know Cafe Tortoni.

Cafe Las Violetas in Almagro is another beatiful traditional cafe. The large vitrios are impressive. Part cafe and part dining area, it is also a bakery.

Cafe Giralda on Corrientes and Uruguay has a very different feel. Many writers and composers have read the paper over a cup of coffee and it is told that the ownership of La Cumparcita changed hands in this place….

There are other traditional cafes that are receiving some protection and support from the government to be restored and maintained. It is a real pleasure to search for and discover each one.

There are many different restaurants to choose from. You can find vegetarian, chinese, middle eastern, french, meditarenean, italian etc. etc. Some are easier to find than others, some are more common than others but all can be found.

We chose the places to eat with much care and with much attention to a wide variety of culinary experiences.

A traditional Argentinean parilla (b-b-q) generally includes chicken and sausages as well as beef. The meat is tender and delicious and nutricious. A tenedor libre is a dining experience that lasts for hours. An stand up empanada place a good place for a quick snack.

Puerto Madero has many new restaurants with a lovely view over the canal and gives an international yet familiar eating experience.

The traditional bar is another experience. Here is easy to have a beer and a tostada, a toasted sandwich, or simply call a friend to come and have a whiskey for a social interlude. Argentinean people are social and very open to spontaneously get together to enjoy each others company.

In Palermo you will find lots of parks where people like to go on the weekends to drink mate, the traditional Argentinean herbal tea. In Palermo Hollywood we found a wonderful restaurant with a very European feel and enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk under the trees.

The cost varies, naturally and there are always promociones, daily or weekly offers but empanadas are still inexpensive at about Can$1 ea, coffee double, which is more a regular cup of coffee between 4 and 5 AP, Can$2 to 2.50, espresso which is more a regular coffee here about half that.

A light lunch A$10-20, Can$5-10
A casual dinner can be had for A$20-40, Can$10-20 and a more formal dining experience from A$40-50, Can$20-25.

Well, it is time for me to go and explore some more places, to have yet another coffee double and yet more of my favourite radichetta (arugula) and tomato sallad.

Bon Apetite

8. The corner of Callao and Sarmiento

I am staying at a little hotel in the corner of Callao and Sarmiento. My room is facing Callao and the noise of the traffic is always present. It is an older building with much character, well maintained and newly renovated. It reminds me of a place I stayed in Vienna once. The couple who runs this place are competent and efficient and real characters. He speaks very fast and whisks me along, either to go outside or inside. She is thorough with eagle eyes and both are keeping a good eye on the security of the place.

I woke up in time to have breakfast. The tables are set with white tablecloths and I choose the one beside the window in full sunshine. Paulina looks after breakfast and brings coffee, facturas, croissants and toast with butter and jam and juice. Paulina comments on my Spanish – as do many people. Having learned the language by talking to Eduardo, I talk the way people do here and it surprizes many. I do not know the difference, simply chatter away. My grammar is still rather poor but I am glad to be able to communicate better than last time I was here.

A couple from Argentina comes down to have breakfast and it turns out they spent time in Stockholm last year and we talk about the different countries. It is amazing how there is always a connection to people you meet.

The windows in the room go from floor to ceiling and while I am sipping my coffee I look down at the sidewalk where the shoeshine man has the tools of his trade neatly lined up and ready for his customers. The newspaper stand is not yet open but the box of it covers half the sidewalk.

The light turns red and I count 13 black and yellow taxis lined up, three abreast waiting for the light to turn. The motorcycles weave in and out of the lanes and I am totally amazed at the courage to navigate in this traffic. People take the chance to cross the street as well, while the cars impatiently wait and many pedestrians jump to safety onto the sidewalk at the last minute.

The building across the street is beautiful, ornate with wrought iron balconies. Academia de baile says one large sign covering the whole balcony. Another business is advertised above it. In the corner of the street is a drugstore, beside it a bank, two doors down another bank.

A man is selling kitchen towels, offering them to everybody walking by. A woman is setting up shop beside him selling lottery tickets. Half a block brings enough visual impressions to fill a book with experiences.

I loose track of the time – as usual – and Paulina puts attention on it and so I finish my coffee and start my day.

9. Cafe Tortoni

There is something special about Cafe Tortoni. Today I have walked down Sarmiento St. Walking along looking at the buildings and the shop windows, I keep my eyes open for the entrance to Cafe Tortoni.

There are always people outside the doors looking at the noticeboard announcing the current shows and events or reading the plaque describing the cafe and its history and looking at the poster with the world’s traditional cafes with a photo of Cafe Tortoni on it.

I open the door, walk in and immediately get transported to another world. The place is full, it is early evening. The smoke from all the cigarettes hangs lazily in the air surrounding the music of people conversing. The mix of local people and tourists is amicable and I like the special relationship that exist between waiters and customers here in Buenos Aires.

Today I order a glass of Chandon and it comes with a plate of muni, peanuts and potato chips. I sip my champagne as I glance around the room, noticing all the wonderful stained glass lamps on top of the serving station. The walls are filled with art and the vitro ceiling panels are lovely with its yellow and amber tones. Somebody is playing pool in the back and now and again a yell can be heard over the murmer of conversation.

I let my thoughts meander over the experiences of the last three weeks, organizing what needs to be done and thinking of people to call and visit. Time is always so short and soon it will be time to leave. But for now I enjoy this moment and relax a little more with each sip of champagne.

10. Shopping

You can shop everywhere in Buenos Aires. It seems that wherever you look there is a store or window displaying something interesting to buy.

There are several shopping areas where you can buy just about everything and other places which carry more specific merchandise.

Downtown is Lavalle street. When I came in my sandals and no jacket we walked along Lavalle street and I found my new boots. I found my black, wool coat on Lavalle st. It is of medium quality and very practical. Some of the places accept credit cards, some want only cash, some will give additional discount for cash payment.

Crossing Lavelle st is Florida street, the wellknown walking street. Here, too, you can find clothes, music, leathergoods, tango etc.

Subte line B takes you right into Once, the centre of the shopping district. Stop at Pasteur and start walking down the street and shop to your heart s content. The prices are very reasonable. You can walk all the way to Abasto, now a shopping centre – it used to be the place where Carlos Gardel recorded his songs. His statue stands outside always reminding of times past. Across the street is Susana Villaroel’s tango shoe store. Count on spending 2-3 hours here. The quality of the shoes here are mixed. Men’s shoes are available as well.

Leather goods are of excellent quality, so soft and inviting to wear and to touch. Cowhide and the softer goat hide are processed in various ways and available in many lovely colours and designs. Some stores participate in the taxfree program, some will give additional discount for cashpayments. The staff is generally very service oriented and helpful as well as knowledgable about their merchandize.

You can find huge shopping centre in the style of North America as well as browse the individual shops on Corrientes street, not to mention Santa Fe and Arroyo st where, if you are interested in haute couture, you can find most of the european and american fashion houses represented.

Shop to your heart’s content. At the moment with the value of the peso being what it is, it is certainly easier for the Canadian dollar than when the peso was tied to the American dollar.

11. Teatro Colon

Teatro Colon sits beside Av 9:e Julio. It is a beautiful building and I have admired it many times since I arrived. It was being renovated the first time I was in Buenos Aires and so I did not get a chance to see it inside. This time I wanted to take one of the guided tours.

I did not realize that the side I knew is the back of the theatre and the entrance for the performers. The main entrance is on the next street, the building covers the whole block. On this side it faces a park and is much quieter and lovelier to arrive to. While looking for the entrance I came across a group of people unloading food and other things for the nights performance I suppose. Walking around I also realized there is a little street going right through the building and here is the access to the ticket office and the guided tours.

I made my way to the entrance to buy my ticket and then waited for the tour to start. A lovely young woman was playing violin dressed in period costume. She even played a tango. The English and Spanish tours started at the same time, beside each other, so you can imagine the guides talking loud to orient their groups.

The building interior is made mostly of marble, white from Calabria, yellow from Sienna etc, it is somewhat eclectic in style from more than one architectural influence. It has a very comfortable feel to it and although grand it does not feel imposing. The floors are mostly italian marble mosaic. The stained glass in the ceiling is beautiful. The wood inviting.

We walked with the guide,who spoke excellent English and was very knowledgable about the building and its history, up the stairs, looked at the statues, the lovely galleries where there are free, chamber concerts every week. We went into the theatre and listened to the rehearsal for the next opera performance. Nice to have such a live tour. We passed quite a few school classes having their tours of the theatre.

There are three levels below the main floor where all production for the stage settings, clothes, wigs, etc is developed and created. Everything for a performance comes from within the theatre. This underground place, with practise space for the theatre ballet etc, extends out underneath the avenida 9:e de Julio!!!Amazing.

You can attend the dress rehearsal of a performance for 5 pesos about $2 so I promptly bought a ticket for the following night’s rehearsal of the spring equinox festival ballet performance.

I arrived directly to the performance the following evening after having walked all day. I was dressed rather casually and was glad to see that most other people looked the same. The theatre was more or less full and the audience was very appreciative of all the different parts of the performance. I looked around at the 7 levels of boxes from the barred “widows boxes” to the “chicken” boxes up high and the presidental box in between. The immense bronze chandelier holds 14 people and can be used when performances require sounds from above. The chairs are lovely and reasonably comfortable with enough space in between to let people pass by.

I had a wonderful time and look forward to returning dressed up to attend another performance.

12. Connections and Transportation

It is Friday night and here I am writing instead of dancing the night away…hmmm..have to think about this. Sitting at machine nr 15 of 40 some computers just steps away from my hotel is convenient. Here is a non smoking section which is very nice and every so often the air conditioning comes on to provide some extra cool and smoke free air.

In front of me is a coffee machine – I can see 7 different choices but have not tried the coffee. It is almost 1 am but enough people here to make it feel like it is mid afternoon. Some people are on chatlines, some are using earphones and talking to friends playing games I presume.

The front desk has 2-3 people who are very service oriented and mindful of quick and efficient service. I come here often enough to be recognized and as frequently happens people are curious as to how I come to speak the language the way I do. One of the young men speaks some English and is very serious about speaking with me to practise it.

This is also a locotorio, a place with phone cabins where people come to use the phones. I have come to appreciate having a cabin available just about everywhere to pop in to phone for taxi or reach friends.

The computers are generally modern and workplaces comfortable, the highspeed internet connection makes for efficient use of time. The charge is 1 peso, 50c for each hour!!!!

Now international phonecards are available and it makes it so much easier to keep in touch with Canada. The time difference is 4-5 hours depending on the time of year as Argentina keeps the same time year round. For 5 pesos you can talk 13 minutes and there is no connection charge.

From the locutorio I often phone the radio taxi. Another adventure to give the phone number, remember the address and pronounce the numbers correctly. Some of the dispatchers have gotten to know me and know where I live and I am proud to say that I am actually able to explain most places where I am going to and where I am phoning from.

People here are most definitely city people and going from a to b, connecting from one place to another. Meandering is not usual and to explore without exact purpose not too well understood. Sometimes I simply need a break from all the noise and activity to orient myself and exploring an area by taxi is a good way.

The subte, subway, moves people quickly throughout the day until midevening. I am still looking for my oldfashion linia A Casablanca moviestyle cars. The more modern ones are taking over. There has been a work to rule campaign and so feeling squeezed like a can of sardines have extended beyond rushour but now the subte is back to normal.

The colectivos, the buses continue to race down the streets and spew out their diesel fume exhaust. There are fewer of them and some minibuses have been added for some routes but most local people still rely on buses. After work there are long lines for returning home on shuttle buses to the province.

Crossing the streets takes great confidence and focus. The car rules and even on green light the cars that turn usually race ahead. On the other hand there is no such thing as waiting for green light, one goes ahead and crosses when it is possible, jaywalking would not be understood. I am gradually finding my way into the rythm of it all again as I remember the feeling of belonging when I was here last.

13. A Day in the Neighbourhood

The noise of the traffic usually wakes me up in the morning. The shutters are closed and the curtains are thick and keep the light out. It is harder to keep the constant sound of the buses and cars and occasional siren away from consciousness. My room is quite large and comfortable, the bathroom newly renovated. The place is well maintained and clean, the staff friendly. It is very centrally situated and I simply keep on staying day after day. I switch on the TV to see the news headlines and to find out what current crisis is covered by the en vivo en directo-live and direct, then back to Solotango, the tango channel. This week they have been broadcasting a series of segments from the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in Paris. I have enjoyed watching it.

Sometimes I go down for breakfast in the little room where Paulina attends to each person in her cheerful manner. My mother was Italian and she spoke English she says proudly in English explaining how she can say a few words. Fortified with my cup of coffee and medialunas, I get organized to start my day. There is always more to do than I am able to and so I have learned to simply do what I can.

Next door to my hotel is a ladies wear store, the shop windows get changed every couple of days and new things are constantly added. Next to this store is a men’s wear store where everything is currently being sold at cost. Next doorway has a sign saying communist party meeting place. The bank comes is next to that. It conveniently has a cash machine and there is usually a security guard outside. The green and yellow sign saying LINK tells you it accepts client cards and dispenses money.

Continuing down the block I glance into the hardware store that has an amazing variety of wares, next comes a shoe store that has a sales. A gap in between buildings is being used as a parking lot with attendants and the empty building next door is being worked on and painted and I am curious to see what is going to appear in it. One day I stepped out on the street and felt transported into another reality as a new cornerstore had materialized over night. How could I not have noticed?

A homeless family has been living in the parking place and the young woman sits with her baby on the windowsill most days asking for change while she is taking care of the little one.

The locutorio/internet place is open until 4am and well attended at any hour of the day.

A religious bookstore comes next and on the sidewalk beside it is a magazine kiosk selling mostly adult magazines.

At the corner is an empanada/pizza place. Here I can have 3 empanadas, a sallad of arugula and tomatoes, half a bottle of decent wine and a cup of coffee for 14 pesos, $7 including tip. I can read the daily newspaper, Clarin and have a chat with the waiters. Como estas, niña they say, where are you from and how long are you staying.

Across the street is some sort of university classes and studies continue until late at night, a drugstore is in the corner and open late. You choose your items, bring them to the counter, the attendant tells you how much you owe and you pay at the cashier where you get your purchases.

This is only one little part of the neighbourhood. With the eclective mix of buildings and stores, it is indeed a rich sensory experience to simply look out your window and to walk to the end of the block. It is easy to understand how you can spend most of your time in your own neighbourhood as everything you need is available right where you are.

Walking another block brings me to Congreso, the Parliment buildings. It, like in Victoria, is beautiful and the cupola lit at night but the feel is different and at the moment it is a place of protest as well as of governing. Walking through Congreso brings me to Ave de Mayo, a few blocks crossing 9:e de Julio, a few more blocks and coffee at Cafe Tortoni. A couple of more blocks and Plaza de Mayo with Casa Rosada, the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral.

Walking the other direction brings me to Corrientes st where I can see what is on at the different theatres or shop for music, clothes or more things than I can mention.

After a very sunny and warm day it is raining outside as I take a break from writing and go next door for another coffee.

14. The Rythm of the City

Every place has its rythm. The cadence of this city fascinates me. Buenos Aires is big – moves at a quick pace. To meander here is to be noticed. Everybody moves from one place to the other with intention and focus.

Sometimes I wonder where everybody is going, what propels this pace. The rythm is vibrant, posed for action, ready to create. It makes you want to follow. I am going here, then I am going there. I meet you here, let us eat there. Encuentros everywhere. People like to socialize, are still open to connecting despite the feeling of insecurity from the economic crisis.

When I first came here I observed and watched in the milongas, in the cafes, in the subte, in the taxis. I was simply absorbing it all. Everything seemed familiar yet different.

After a few weeks I started to feel the rythm of the city and stepped into it. To step into the rythm of a place makes you belong in a different way.

Crossing the street sometimes feels like being part of a wave in the ocean. As the traffic flows by more and more people arrive to cross. The tension of waiting builds, somebody steps out into the street, others follow, the daring ones find the openings and cross between cars and buses. The rest fidget, moves back and forth until finding release just before the light changes to green and start to move across.

The same thing happens with the cars stopped at the red light, jockying for position as they come to a stop, nudging into and filling every little space getting ready for the change to speed off. If somebody honks their horn, somebody immediately answers somewhere. The music of the street, the line of dance of the city, the tango of Buenos Aires.

The streets are filled with cars and buses. Motorbikes, bicycles and even people on roller blades weave in and out. The taxis still cruise leisurely along looking for fares.

The sidewalks are filled with pedestrians but are also filled with other activities. Almost every block has a newspaper kiosk that sits like a big box close to the corner and gets locked up late at night. A shoe shine station is often close by and many people stop to get their shoes shined. The flower stands are still open although fewer at this time of year.

The street vendors are everywhere and offer their wares on the sidewalk or to the people in the cars at the red lights. The current trend is watching people juggling. The, mostly, young men are very skilled and quick, running into the street, juggling, asking for change and getting out of the way, all during a red light.

Some of the bigger avenues are two way streets but most are one way and I am still trying to remember which street goes in what direction to help me in my quest to navigate better.

On Sundays everybody is out walking in the parks or resting. The streets are empty, only the garbage from the night before is blowing in the wind. The street cleaners move up and down the streets each day with their brushes and containers. You can have the city to yourself if you are up early on Sunday morning.

Buenos Aires is eclectic in its style, contains and is accepting of much and in so doing gives much freedom. It is sophisticated and elegant in a somewhat old fashioned way. I am enchanted by its playfullness, enamoured by its language and as I am continuing to let it transform me, I somewhat curiously wonder what will it bring next!?


From The Blog – 2008-2012


June 5, 2008

The weather has warmed up again, there is humidity in the air but the rain is staying away,

It is an intense time, preparing to travel, programming this website and learning how to do it, continuing with the show and preparing for it to continue while we are on the road,

Each day is filled to the brim, each day we survive seems a miracle…..

The last 3 years has been focused on preparing to realize our dreams and our projects, this year seems to be the time to realize them all,

will we make it?  step by step – it is the only way…. and no matter how intense, take time to enjoy a moment or two each day,  the moment is really all we have, no matter how much we prepare, what plans we put in action,

yesterday, a friend’s father died after a long time of illness, today a close friend fell and broke her hip, we never know what will face us each day, we need to remember to enjoy the moments as they arrive…

until next time, as always…..


June 6, 2008

It is the Swedish National Day and it coincides with the monthly lunch at Club Sueco,

To my surprise i am connecting with the culture of my youth in a very positive way here in Buenos Aires,

It is pleasant to speak my first language again, to enjoy traditional food and drink at the Swedish club once a month,

This time I invite not only Eduardo but also Marisa and Rosario so they will have an idea about my background,

We have a good time, sing the national hymn, raise our glasses in a toast and become mellow as the afternoon passes..


June 9 2008

It is cold and raining this morning in Buenos Aires,

the farmers and the government are coming closer to negotiate their differences and the farmers will remove their road barricades……the shelves in the supermarkets will be filled again,

the raising cost of gasoline is leading to another increase in the cost of taxis….. the subtes, subways are getting more and more crowded,  the government unveiled the proposed new transit plan this morning,

the reality of this day seems quietly intense as we focus on making the most of this week here in Buenos Aires,

much joy to all and many blessings,



June 12, 2008

The sun has returned and the air is soft,

Business is going strong in Buenos Aires,

Each morning there are new announcements of  international conglomerates arriving to Argentina,

a new 6* resort world resort, another high end brandname opening at a mall…

There are line ups at the gas pumps – where there is gasoline….

Some buslines are cutting their services because of lack of it…

The official inflation is less than 1%, a bottle of water in the restaurants between 5-7 pesos…..

The qualifiying rounds of the Campionata Mundial de Tango continues at a different venue each night…

Father’s day is coming this Sunday….

Our lives get busier and busier as we complete some circles and start others…..

besos to all, and blessings to Marie….



June 15, 2008

Happy Father’s Day on this day in Argentina celebrating and honouring men and fathers ….

We will celebrate with Eduardo’s brother Alberto and his family who also live in Buenos Aires

Alberto is not only an experienced physician, he is also a very good cook and we are looking forward to a few moments of family time with good food and stimulating conversation in the midst of all the frantic activity with getting ready to travel.

wishing you all a lovely day,



June 17, 2008

Buenos Aires is buzzing this morning,

Last night people took to the streets, bringing their pots and pans and spoons to voice their wish that the Government and the farmers get back to the bargaining table and discuss their differences,

Some of the main routes are cut, there is no fuel in many places, the supermarkets have less and less on their shelves, the inflation continues here like everywhere, people are getting anxious,  they want to see their Presidenta, hear her talk to them, the people….

This week seems crucial in so many ways…… the day is cool but sunny and lovely,

besos Kikki


Dec 11, 2008


We have arrived back to Buenos Aires just in time to celebrate Carlos Gardel Day…. The weather is lovely, the traffic is intense as always, We spent a few days at Eduardo’s home and are having our morning coffee getting used to the city after the quiet of the village.

The taxis are talking strike for Dec 24th and 25th, the subways are promising a stop tomorrow,  the gasoline suppliers are set to join the parade….. meanwhile Argentina celebrated 25 years of life in a democratic system, the President is in Russia and the inflation was .3%last month, interesting times, as always, in the big city….. and

we are happy to be here, to continue looking for our place that will be Eduardo’s studio and our office and where you can find us when you are in Buenos Aires …..

the first cruise ship has arrived in port, time to write exams in school and summer vacation is on everybody’s mind…..

Hope you are all well and happy and wishing you many wonderful tangos,

as always, como siempre Kikki


Dec 18, 2008

We celebrated Eduardo´s birthday this week.   A quiet celebration this year, last night at la Ideal we sang happy birthday and shared some cake,  later more cake and a champagne toast with friends from the United States, Australia and Dubai joining us at the table,

The night before, celebration with his family – Eduardo´s mother is in town so he was happy she could spend the day with him.

The weather is hot …. the pool that we can see from the window provides relief even from a distance….

Everybody is preparing for vacation – Mar del Plata is ready, so is Cordoba and the hills around it and it is the best season to visit the south….

We are settling into life in Buenos Aires again….


Dec 22, 2008

It is a beautiful summer day in Buenos Aires, tomorrow will be hot again, this morning was cool….. but in this present moment life is beautiful…..  summer has officially arrived – just in time for Christmas ..

Although it is a quiet time, the days fly by with ever increasing speed, we are simply putting order into unfinished business….. preparing for the year to come,

much love to all,

as always, come siempre   Kikki


Dec 25, 2008

Good Morning from Buenos Aires,  I can see that it is going to be a hot day again.  It is a little strange to wake up without the aerobic music at the gym and the pool without anybody swimming.

We had some friends over for lunch yesterday and raised our glasses in a toast to welcome Christmas and send good wishes for the year ahead.  The peach fizz was refreshing and the traditional pan dulce delicious even after the desert of Almendrado icecream. They take their sweets and deserts seriously in Argentina……

Watching some the tango videos brought back so many wonderful memories from our long trip this year. How great it was to see everybody, how wonderful to be in Europe again and to introduce another continent to Eduardo and Marisa´s dancing and teaching.

A journey filled with periods of intense work, travels and rest in between, time to explore new places, visits with  friends and family, an artistic life with a healthy lifestyle bringing joy and good times to people.

La Noche Buena arrived at midnight with the traditional fireworks and we enjoyed spending time with family here and talking by phone to those far away to welcome Christmas once again.

It will be family time again today with more time around the table visiting and conversing and more time on the phone keeping in touch.

So, Merry Christmas and many blessings to all,



May 15, 2010

A grey and cool morning in Buenos Aires, ……. coffee tastes good after an hour´s roundtrip through the city,  The blue and white flags are starting to wave their presence in preparations for the bicentennial celebrations,  In Puerto Maderos, the skyscrapers of Zen City are stretching up high, La Boca seems empty without the rusty, old boats in the harbour, the newly refreshed Botanical Garden in Palermo invites to  a picnic,

Downtown Teatro Colon is preparing for its reopening gala and around the Obelisque the grandstand is appearing,  A block away, la Confiteria Ideal is getting ready for its tango maraton and celebrations around May 25th,

Yesterday Eduardo and Marisa danced in the milonga el Abrazo in la Ideal and warmed everybody´s heart with their beautiful exhibition,

Today, is a quiet day working with music …..,

always with you,    hasta la proxima…….Kikki


May 17, 2010

A bus ride from Palermo to the Swedish Church close to Parque Lezama gives you a mini tour….. of the stores along Ave Santa Fe, of signs with new places that have come up for rent or for sale in favourite spots……, of the trees in Plaza San Martin and of the progress of the subte extension  along Paseo Colon,

We arrived to a mixed Scandinavian service –  welcoming the visiting Swedish priest and celebrating the Norwegian national day on May 17th,  the coffee and empanadas and Swedish cinnamon buns tasted good after a time of contemplation during the service,

The day was cool and windy, more like winter than fall……., we were close to San Telmo and decided to walk to Plaza Dorrego,  It is always a fun place to visit on Sundays, Slowly we strolled down Calle Defensa –   now filled with people, stands and buskers all the way to Plaza de Mayo,

In San Telmo we have our very own places to look for antiques, to stop for pizza with a glass of muskat wine at the standup bar……, make contact with new artesans, have a cup of coffee at our favourite bar and look for items for the Show….., and to simply see what is new,

One of the delightful things about Buenos Aires is that it is always changing but this day we were glad to reach the warmth of the Subte to take us back to our neighbourhood……..,

always with you,  hasta la proxima……. Kikki


May 23, 2010

Good morning world….,

El GrottoSunday morning….. first pot of coffee quietly by the computer reading headlines and watching photos from around the world…., more than 500,000 people around the Obelisque in Buenos Aires last night – I believe it – we were there – and it was just about impossible to move,

The bicentennial celebrations are a great success, is giving people of Argentina an opportunity to simply enjoy and being proud of who they are,  9e de Julio, Corrientes and Ave de Mayo are closed for traffic and it is a great treat to walk in these streets who are generally so filled with traffic and noise…..,

Lots of families watched the historic military parade and the parade of the provinces, today the parade of invited countries will delight those who are downtown or can be seen live on the public tv channel,

We watched the changing of the honur guard at the historic, now museum, Cabildo at Plaza de Mayo, behind us Casa Rosada glowed in its new magenta light…,

From the Obelisque we walked past the theatres up Corrientes to Callao, over to Santa Fe Ave and back to Palermo,  Great to stretch our legs and great to sit down and relax with some empanadas at home ……,

Goodnight world…… Kikki


May 30, 2010

Another Sunday morning – the rain has stopped, pastry morning… , a new favourite bakery… , just far enough away to stretch the legs, dulce maria – the soap from mexico – has come to an end, now surfing, finding a movie sometimes….., outside,  fresh air…….,

9e de julio is open for traffic again – what a feeling it was-  to be among 2 million people in a small space!!!!!…..,

25th come and gone……., great night at la Ideal – wrapped in blue and white for the occasion – with Eduardo as MC and all the teachers and singers together showcasing….., lovely birthday,

old friends appearing like angels bringing hope…….,

browsing the antique fleamarket …..,   29th-gnocchies for lunch, coffee on the stage- looking out at the old theatre,  poetic tango lyrics, feeling the music – from spanish to english ….impacting the heart, impacting the mind – – coordinating the images…..,  all about Tango…..,

back to work,  back to reality, back to creating, coordinating and putting it all together……,thank you all – miss you,

love  Kikki


  June 3, 2010

Buen Dia….,

It is like taking a breath….. a little quiet in Buenos Aires, the sun was shining yesterday,  we went walking, past the usual stops for a quick dose of rays…., you have to move fast to enjoy time in the sun,  we are getting close to winter and the days are short…..,

A corner of Libertador, trees and open space, a traditional cafe,  green grass with flowers around a fountain….., conversation over a lomo a la champignon…., que sera, sera !!!!  What are we all creating at this time with our world….., Do you ever wonder…..,??

later, as always, back to quiet time on the computer……, many blessings to you for being in our lives…..,

besos  Kikki


June 6, 2010


Svenska Flaggans Dag som jag kommer ihag den – nu ar det Svenska Nationaldagen som firas….., kaffe med tarta kanske…..,

hur ar det i Sverige undrar jag ibland, laser nyheter pa natet och ser framemot att promenera pa vastkusten´s klippor snart igen….,

besos  Kikki


El Grotto  June 9, 2010


I got up early this morning, lit the gas heat in the bathroom, made coffee and spent some time reading web news from around the world,

Is time really moving as fast as it feels? or are we running in the same spot while the world is spinning past?….,

is past, present and future linear? or is it all contained in a circle maybe even happening in a spiral form? …..,

body, mind, spirit – from what perspective is reality? where is the balance?

how do we harmonize the music of our wild ride inside with the orchestra of the world,  are we our own  conductor?

a few thoughts, a ray of sunshine…., from my heart to yours….., on this beautiful morning……,

besos    kikki


June 12, 2010


The game is on……, it is a grey, cool and rainy morning in Buenos Aires, Football is a great passion – people are watching on the  gigantic screens set up in plaza San Martin and parque Centenario,  the sales on plasma tvs has gone up, up and up……..,  everybody is watching……,  Maradonna in a suit!!!!,  Messi on the field…..,  a game of football brings people together…..,

just like dancing tango – Eduardo and Marisa were warmly applauded at their exhibition in the Milonga Chique on thursday night, Eduardo´s background  in the Milongas can be clearly felt in his presence on the dance floor and is recognized by those who dance in the Milongas, a heart felt experience – including the Chacarera for all……,

as we continue the details of our work here, we think of you all – our friends in different parts of the world…..,   and say  S U E R T E –  ARGENTINA……,

besos……. Kikki


 June 21, 2010

Hola el Mundo……..,   What a week  !!!!     What a day !!!     Solstice!!!     The sun just passing zenith over Sahara…,  this year  a grand cross in the sky – in astrological terms -, thoughtful action for the greater good….,

June 20th – El Dia de la Bandera – Argentina celebrating the flag……and remembering its creator M Belgrano,

 June 19th – A storytale wedding for Crownprincess Victoria of Sweden and a new Prince Daniel for its people, the ceremony and the cortege on live web TV….,

 June 21 – Midsummer in Sweden….., the wildflowers in bloom, first new potatoes, the herring, the strawberry cake……, the dancing ….. the light –   all night,            

 June 20th – Father´s Day in the Americas….., 100 years of honouring and  remembering our fathers, Celebration with family  and dinner in the Studio….,

 Weddings coming up…..,  friends……,  and family…..,

 Completing, completing, completing steps and tasks – at the same time preparing, preparing, preparing for the next journey,

 A friend sent this poem –  Enjoy…..

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And to know the place for the first time”
This poem is “Little Gidding” from Eliot’s set of poems, The Four Quartets

Happy dancing everybody, …… Kikki  


June 26 2010

Good Morning World,

 Got up early today, still dark outside, the Studio quiet, filled with light, the  first coffee while browsing headlines around the world on the net ….,

– partial moon eclipse, another strong earthquake below the ocean, the worldcup……the worldcup….., traffic accidents,  mixed impressions…., midsummer celebration,

 friends got married yesterday…..,  ceremony at the registro civil, rosepetals and photos on the patio,  lunch with friends and family,  such a lovely day and occasion,

 a grey and cloudy start to the weekend…., lots of detailed to be completed,   BA Art fair at La Rural…..,

 went for a long walk, the day grey, a little windy, all around Palermo, there are still roses in Rosedal, stopped for chips with guacamole and a beer before continuing our walk back home,  had a coffee and shared a cheesecake while working on a project, got caught in the rain and returned home to watch TV and work on the computer……,

besos   Kikki 


June 28, 2010

Hola Everybody,

It is all about football and the world cup….., yesterday afternoon the city was quiet, people gathered around the giant screens in the parks although it was a grey and cool day…..,  or in the cafes, bars or at home…..,

a little nervous – not knowing how it would be playing Mexico….., well, it turned out the luck and speed was on the side of Argentina….. , after each goal balconies filled with people shouting their joy of a GOOOOOAAAAALL,

at the end of the game, people poored into the streets, gathered in the corners and danced and shouted between the red traffic lights,

amazingly…. the traffic flowed, babies slept and dogs attentively yet quietly followed their owners without getting lost, the police re directed some traffic, the murga drums kept beating – – until suddenly everybody started to walk towards the Obelisco and everything returned to normal like it never happened…..,

we joined the celebrations then went for a coffee and talked about the game for a while, explored another street in the neighbourhood before returning home,

next Saturday will be another quiet time in the city until the game is over – will Argentina beat Germany !!!!!, everybody is talking about it,

Stay tuned….. until next time…….,

como siempre   Kikki 


September 4, 2011

Santa Cruz, California

Time flies…. more than a year ago – it seems like yesterday…., where DOES all that time go!!?  is there is a warehouse full of time somewhere out there??….,

We are in Santa Cruz for the first time and are looking forward to getting to know it, we know of it from one of our travelling friends whose hometown it is…,

You never know what will inspire Eduardo ….. last night during the class it was a flower, Charged by everybody’s good energy, the soft candle light radiated its positive message during the Milonga,

The Palomar Ballroom is a lovely place to dance – reminds you of kings and castles in medieval times…..,

Last night at the Milonga balloons and fresh flowers dressed up the ballroom and Argentinean empanadas and other tasty treats filled the table, It was a good time……,


September 8, 2011

Hola Everybody out there……,

The birds in Santa Cruz flocking over the surfers in the sea below……,  the inspiration for Hitchcock’s the Birds….., such a nice spot for such terror on film!!!

Looks like a nice community,  although we did spend most of the time indoors….. we managed to see a little bit…. As is our custom each time we visit a place we get to know it a little more …..,

Today, we are back in the Studio in San Francisco, Marisa has arrived and Eduardo and Marisa are preparing for their weekend with Nora, and working with individual students who want to improve their dancing,

It is sunny and even reasonably warm – a first for San Francisco……., tomorrow ,  we continue….,

besos to all….. Kikki


January 14, 2012

Julen ar slut for i ar……, vi packar ner julsakerna……, och gar helt in i det nya aret…..

Can you believe it – 2012 has arrived!! it always seemed to be hanging out there – somewhere in the future….. and here it is!! a great motivation to make the most of each day – You Never Know – as is one of Eduardo’s favourite expressions….., You Never Know …what each day will bring….,  and so Life Is Good!!!  remember – each moment – Life is Good!

We greet you on another beautiful summer day in Buenos Aires,  a day with the family…..,  besos


January 20, 2012

hot, hot, hot …. is the day…..still – pretty bearable this summer of 2012……, compared to others,

rain will soon bring a little relief…..,

classes in the Studio, working with the music, coffee with friends…..,

each day is a good day to keep Passion alive …..  such a gift of Life!!!    enjoy being alive ……,



May 26 2012

FELIZ CUMPLE ……   GRATTIS……. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag ……         HAPPY BIRTHDAY