Kikki’s Thoughts




Realizing Your Dream

Do not give up on your dream or get discouraged.
Simply keep working on preparing for it.
When it is timely it will happen.
It has been my experience that
to trust life gives the timing an added dimension and
perspective I may not be consciously aware of.
To prepare, to understand more fully preparedness
is the gift from spirit that comes with perseverance.
Keep believing in your dream and what you focus on
will be created, have no doubt.

thoughts from life to kikki


The Bandoneon

You could look at your emotions as a bandoneon¬† ……

Words, feelings, sensations etc. like notes composing your musical tune,

As your inner buttons play, your words and emotional reactions paint your reality,

Are you composing your song consciously, creating your world note by note,
or are you following the tunes of the orchestras playing around you?

By looking at your inner conflicts, fears and old tunes before speaking out,
you can create the song you want to compose in reality,

Do you hear the disharmony of uncensored emotional reactions in your world,
or do you consciously build it with the harmonious sound of love and positivity ….

The choice is ours to make ………

Communication or Philosophy – Thoughts and Contemplation

Before we are born is a mystery,
are we in other worlds – take other forms,
do we have experiences in worlds other than on earth,

Is our life on earth like a theatre play scripted before we are born,
Is earth like a big classroom to learn about ourselves,

Are we born, live our lives then die,
Are we born for a specific purpose,

Are our souls on a human journey, or
are we human beings on a soul journey,

It is part of the mystery of life that
we have the freedom to believe what we want,

Co-created by man and woman,
we are born through the body of woman,

We enter this world with a certain personality,
a specific way of relating,

We are born into a point in the history of the world –
a world that has been formed by previous generations,
shaped by the people who lived before us,

We become part of a generation of people whose world view shapes us –
a group who we naturally connect to,

We are born at a certain point in the world –
into a society, a country and culture,
we learn to speak a certain language,
we learn how to express ourselves in a specific culture,
incorporate its history and world experience within us,

We are born as males or females and
the history of this gender becomes part of
how we see, experience and relate to the world and
how the world relates to us,

We are born into a group of people and
their personalities, life experiences and belief systems
become part of shaping our life map,

How do we communicate,
What are the common factors that help us
communicate clearly,

June 05


Thoughts on Beauty …..
The more I feel my beauty on the inside,
the more I can show and project it to the outside world,


Thoughts on Emotions …..

It is enough to feel our pain,
It is not necessary to search or understand the origin of it,
By feeling it we release it, and the process of integration begins…..

In trusting the timing of life……
the moment of conscious awareness will happen
in its own time and benefit to all involved….. not just ourselves…..



Creativity – Thoughts

The big picture – building the future

Bringing order to chaos –
from the perspective of unconditional love;
connecting our inner world of ideas to the outer world of reality ;
using rational thought to manifest the process of creativity,

The process,

-taking a stand, making a decision and commitment

– living the present while preparing the future

– building, while staying connected in changing realities

– adding new expressions and connections

– expanding reality – relationships and connections

– the medium – transmitting the message – reaching the world

– maintaining good circulation and smooth transition

– harvesting the new reality



Thoughts on Life and Generation

The life force is compelled to give life,
moves forward on the line of time
without considering human emotions,

Each generation born into a point of history
in the world
created by previous generations,
An entrance shaped and
put into form
by those who lived before,

Standing at the edge
of this point,
on the line of life and time,
each generations
has but a moment of total freedom
to change it all,

nov 2005