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“The opportunity to visit Buenos Aires for the first time with Eduardo and Kikki was a peak experience – and a very good decision on my part.  I knew that I wanted to experience the city with “insiders” that I also felt comfortable with as travelling companions.  Their guidance and companionship in Buenos Aires wildly exceeded my expectations. 
First of all, they have explored that city intensly and were able to show us things that would take months or years to discover on our own. 
Eduardo is, of course, one of the rising young Tango stars in BA and is recognized and loved in the milongas.  Kikki has also danced extensively in the milongas and is welcomed by the Milongeros.  Walking in with both of them does not hurt you chances of some good dancing!!
However, somewhat to my surprise, what I remember most about the trip is Eduardo and Kikki’s warm friendship and joy of life.  I am looking forward to the next time I can be with them.”
I wanted to write you guys and thank you ever so much for a terrific time in Buenos Aires.
As you know we were on our honeymoon.
We chose to take it in Buenos Aires because we love to tango, and because you and Eduardo had invited us to share in a special Buenos Aires experience.

For those whom might be reluctant to travel to South America
or to Argentina and to visit Buenos Aires, there is such a pleasant surprise awaiting them.
It is indeed a city of charm, culture, grace, excitement, delight, and flavor.

None of this would have been possible without you and
Eduardo personally taking us to the most wonderful places.
To share in the experience with the right touch,
the right people, eating the right foods and even buying
the right clothes.

Every time I wear my tango shoes or clothes,
I get to relive the experience and share with others
the joy in my purchases. It was such a thrill to have
you take me personally around for the best clothes and
see and experience the most incredible buying journey.
Naturally I share these delights with everybody.
So my shoes will remain eternally special to me.

Eduardo helped my husband select his shoes and suits
and made sure that everybody got the right service and
the right price.

Both of us have traveled extensively and visited many
parts of the world.
We are both accustomed to and expect to have a genuine
and “real”experience.
You can visit LA, you can visit New York, but those are just
names of cities.
In Buenos Aires you are visiting the people who make the city. Buenos Aires is about the people!

You showed us the culture of the theaters,
the excitement of the milongas,
the taste of the food through fine dining and
beautiful restaurants, the pride of the nation through folklore, and you shared your family with us.

Lastly, your program is designed to give people the
opportunity to truly know that they can touch, see,
hear and feel Buenos Aires. It is complete!
No stone unturned, down to the littlest details
(magnets, maps, pins,greetings and souvenirs).
The best shows, the best performances, the best tours,
the best instructors and the best guides.

Thanks from our hearts, for a spectacular time and
wonderful memory.

I really enjoyed your hospitality and your keen
interest in providing a most enjoyable and informative ,
inside experience w/ the Buenos Aires tango scene…
Eduardo was most gracious in providing translations, history and instruction as well as the most amabile host one could ever want.
We all enjoyed the comerarity of being together at the same
hotel, taking meals together as well as the intergration of us all in the “Night Scene”…
Your working together on our schedules and personal needs
was most helpful…
The choice of restaurants…Superb!!

The flight was long but went well and gave me lots of time to reflect on my trip to B.A. 
I really could not think of anything that was a negative. 
I want to say thanks again for a most enlightening and fun experience. 
All of my goals were met as I got to learn about the people, city, and the tango culture. 
The instruction was all very stimulating and top notch and will give me lots of opportunity to improve my dancing. 
I do feel that I have thus been able to establish a solid base of knowledge for future trips to B.A. 
So, as I left, I was happy for what I had gained; and not sad for what I was leaving.
Thank you so much for letting me borrow on your knowledge and be the recipient of your immense kindness as a great part of the trip was the opportunity to re-connect with both of you and continue a most fulfilling friendship..